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Google Pack for Genealogy Use

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It's free from Google

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Google Pack

Software from Google that can be downloaded and installed on your computer all for FREE! .The Google Pack software all "meets Google's high software standards and are considered best in their class" And the included Google Updater tool " intelligently downloads, installs and maintains all the software in the Google Pack"

Software Included in Google Pack: (and how it can make genealogy searches easier).

Here is how the individual software components of the Google Pack can be useful in genealogy searching. You can select which programs in the pack you wish to install.
  • Google Earth - Use Google Earth to zoom in on an ancestor's address, neighborhood, or location of farm in 3D. See if the original house is still standing, then take a screenshot to add to your genealogy program.

  • Picasa - Use Google's photo organizer to find and organize photos on your computer. Edit photos and repair damage to old family photos. Share photos with relatives.

  • Google Desktop - Desktop companion. Find all your email (especially from newsgroups), genealogy files, web history, and more. Get all your personalized info in one place with Sidebar.

  • Google Toolbar - available for Internet Explorer or with Firefox.
    The Google toolbar has many uses to make genealogy searching easier
    • Use Google to search the internet without returning to the Google home page.

    • Use the Google "Search Site" to search an individual genealogy website. This is particularly useful if a web site doesn't have its own search. The Google "search site" is sometimes even better than a site's own search engine because you can use google operands, all of which may not available on a site search engine.

    • Use the Page Rank Button to:
      • See the cached version of a dead web page without returning to Google.
      • Find similar web sites to the current web page without returning to Google. Example: if you are on an obituary pwebsite that doesn't have the particular obituary you are looking for, go to "find similar website".
    • Use the "Highlight" pen to mark in color all occurrences of the searched word on the page. No more hunting to find your search terms on a loong webpage

    • Click on the search term on the toolbar to go to the next occurrence of the word on the web page. Another time saver to quickly find a name on a web page.

    • Translate whole webpages, or individual words

    • Use the "drag and drop" function to drag any text or URL from the current page you are viewing to the Google Toolbar in order to run a search. This eliminates typos and it is quicker and easier than doing a "cut and paste". And the search results are returned without clicking.

    • "Google Search" by highlighting text on a web page and right-clicking on your mouse.

    • Use the Popup Blocker to make surfing the web easier by stopping annoying popups.

    • Use the AutoFill to automatically fill in a form with the click of a button.

  • Google Pack Screensaver - Enjoy a computer screen saver of photos from your personal collection or do a collage of ancestor photos to rotate

  • Norton Security Scan - Antivirus utility from Symantec. Protect your PC from viruses, worms and Trojan horses. Free and include automatic protection updates with no paid subscription required.

  • Spyware Doctor Starter Edition - Top-rated anti-spyware utility. Free and include automatic protection updates with no paid subscription required.

  • Adobe Reader 7 - PDF reader Adobe Systems. View, print, and search PDF files. Launches up to 50% faster than Reader 6.0

  • Google talk - Easy, free way to talk with and send instant messages to those working on same family tree.

All Free. Click on the link above to download the Google Pack. Begin today to make your genealogy searching easier, safer, and more organized.

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