Remove Unwanted Pop-up Ads

Have you started to notice very annoying pop-up ads while searching the Internet? Some of the ads are not from the websites you visit, but can actually be from software that has been installed on your computer without your knowledge.

Not only are you bombarded with pop up/under ads, but these programs running in the background of your computer can cause your searching to slow down, crash your computer and/or browser, change your browser settings, and cause other computer problems. These programs are called malware, parasiteware, spyware, scumware, and adware.

Spyware programs are typically installed on your computer by bundling with other other software that requires you to install the parasiteware also in order to use the free software you want. Some examples are with free games, P2P programs such as KaZaa, screensavers and wall paper, browser skins, e-mail stationary, search helpers, and programs in the disguise of offering discounts when shopping. These programs can also be installed on your computer by drive-by downloads when visiting web sites. An automatic download is performed from, you guessed it, usually a pop up or pop-under ad! You may not even realize the download and install of the software has happened! People who are experiencing problems with their computer may find many of these programs installed on their that they knew nothing about. People who are bothered by multiple pop-ups may also find many of these programs on their computer.

Free Malware Removal:

Free Steps to keep your computer safe. If you already have malware on your computer, use one of the following to remove it:

  • Free Malwarebytes Malwarebytes offers free anti-malware and internet security software to keep your computer safe from today's online threats. Deletes malware and adware that your anti-virus will miss. Free version scans computer and eliminates even the nastiest of threats.

  • Free Microsoft Anti-Spyware Free Windows Defender from Microsoft - Scans your computer to find spyware programs AND scans your computer LIVE to keep any malicious software from downloading without your knowledge. Sometimes preinstalled on your computer.

It's a good habit scan your computer with Malwarebytes on a regular basis to keep your computer safe and running at its best. Why have both Malwarebytes AND an anti-virus program? Because the first thing malware will do once on your computer is to try to disable your anti-virus program

There are quite a few programs that block pop-up and other ads. While these programs work to stop pop-ups, the problem is that the spyware software is still running on your computer and still causing your computer to run slowly. The pop-up stoppers frequently do not block some ads, while blocking other things which are not ads such as pop-up logins. They can affect your ability to see things on the Internet you really want to or block the way you surf on the Internet (for example not allowing you to open a new browser window). The best defense is to detect and remove the software causing the problem from your computer.

Some spyware removal programs will also remove cookies, even though cookies are not spyware. Cookies are a way to storing information — such as logins, passwords and items in a shopping cart — on your hard drive. You may want to instruct the spyware removal program not to remove cookies.

Free Anti-Virus Programs

The following are some outstanding free anti-virus software. Stop the problem before it begins. Keep running in the background to keep your computer spyware and virus free.