Family Tree Maker 2014

Family Tree Maker 2014

Family Tree Maker 2014 (for PC)

Family Tree Maker (for Mac)
  • The #1 genealogy software since 1989.
  • Completely Redesigned in 2008 with a whole new look and architecture.
  • And now with dozens of new and improved features.

What's New in FTM 2014?

  • New Family View

    In addition to the pedigree view, the new family view makes navigating easier, especially when you want to see extended family members such as aunts and uncles, siblings and cousins.
  • A more robust TreeSync™

    Lets you sync even more of your family tree info so it can be used as an additional backup to you desktop tree.
  • More organizational tools

    Now children are sorted automatically by birth order and people can be viewed by location, grouping them by country, state, county, and city.
  • New and improved charts and reports

    — Additional views allow you to display an individual’s ancestors, spouses, and children together. Also, the Index of Individuals Report has options for anniversary, birthday, and contact lists and more.
  • New tree branch export

    Much easier to export a single branch of your tree.
  • Additional editing options

    Copy and paste facts including related source citations, media items, and notes.
  • Improved merging

    Merge more of the information you find on

What's New in FTM 2012?

  • TreeSync™

    Now you can work on your family tree anywhere with the new TreeSync feature. When you link your desktop and online trees together, you can update either tree and then synchronize those changes into the other tree — manually or automatically with your Internet connection. Syncing your Family Tree Maker tree and online Ancestry tree has many benefits that no other software can offer:
    • Access and update your tree anytime, anywhere. With an Internet connection, you can continue your research wherever you are whether it’s through Ancestry, your iPhone, or iPad.
    • Share your tree online. Family and friends can view your tree (and even work with you) without any software or an Ancestry subscription.
    • Collaborate with the largest family history community in the world. If you share your tree publicly, you can connect with other members who are researching the same family lines.

  • Improved Smart Stories™

    When Family Tree Maker creates a Smart Story for you, the story now includes facts about the individual and his or her spouse and children. Previously a generated Smart Story included information about the individual only.

  • New Combined Family View

    The family group view has a new “blended families” option that displays all of a couple’s children in one location. An icon next the child’s name lets you see at a glance whether he or she is the child of the father, mother, or both parents.

  • Simplified Interface for Upgraders

    When you install Family Tree Maker 2012, the software detects whether you are upgrading from a previous version of Family Tree Maker (version 16 or earlier). If you are, Family Tree Maker displays a simplified user interface that looks more like older versions of Family Tree Maker.

  • Customized Fact Sentences

    When you create an Ahnentafel, descendant report, or Smart Story, Family Tree Maker generates descriptive sentences for each fact or event. Now you can change the wording to customize these sentences and the data included in the sentences.

  • Reports

    • Improved Notes Report

      - The Notes Report lets you display person, research, relationship, or fact notes you’ve entered for individuals in your tree. The  old Research Notes Report is changed to Notes Report with options to include other types of notes 
    • New Index of Individuals Report

      - The Index of Individuals Report lists every individual in your tree and their birth, marriage, and death dates.

  • Charts

    • Generation Labels

      - Now you can display generation labels (such as parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents) in charts to highlight the relationship between the primary person in the chart and other family members.
    • Additional Options in Descendant Chart

      - You can create a descendant chart that shows the relationship between two people whom you select. You can limit descendant chart to the direct line between two people.
    • Adding Text to a Chart

      - In addition to adding your own images to a chart, you can now personalize your charts even more by adding your own text—creating a chart that is completely unique.

  • New and Updated Tutorials

    You can learn to do more - like creating trees and using features - with new and improved tutorials accessible in the software.

What Was New in FTM 2011 and still included in FTM2012

  • Smart Stories™— Just drag and drop facts from your tree to the new Smart Stories page. Each time you edit your tree, stories update automatically.

  • New and improved charts—Enhance your charts with new backgrounds, borders, and embellishments. Create four new designs, including a 360 degree fan chart. 

  • Refined reports—Save and reuse report settings and use 5 new report styles.

  • Media management tools—Locate missing media items with the click of the mouse.

  • More Ancestry integration—Find out which Ancestry members are searching for your ancestors in the expanded Web Dashboard.  

  • Better performance—Upload and download trees from the Internet with increased speed. 

  • Numbering—Automatically number every person in your tree for quick reference.  

  • Timelines—View more events that occurred during your ancestors’ lives. Even edit, delete or add your own historical events..  

  • Easy-to-use tools for merging duplicate individuals, calculating dates, creating to-do lists, and more.

What Was New in FTM 2010 and still included in FTM2012 Family Tree Download

  • You can now download your online trees directly into Family Tree Maker and either start a new tree or merge it into your current file. The downloaded tree will include the facts as well as images associated with the online tree.

Enhanced File Statistics

  • You can view new statistical information about your tree, including the average life span of individuals in your tree, the earliest birth date, and the most recent birth date.

Enhanced Family View

  • Improvements to the People workspace allow you to see more information about individuals in the pedigree view as well as information about the parents of the selected couple.

Ability to Quickly Add Facts on Person Tab

  • When adding facts to an individual on the Person tab, you now have the ability to quickly add basic facts (such as Birth, Marriage, and Death) from a drop-down list. The drop-down list will include any facts you’ve custom added to the editing panel on the Family tab.

Enhanced Editing of Relationships

  • A new relationship window gives easy access to relationship facts, notes, and media items.

Saved History List

  • Previously, when you closed the program, you would lose the history list that showed which sources, media items, or individuals you had.

Replacing Source Citations

  • Source citations can be replaced by an existing source citation—without losing any links to individuals or media items.

More Robust Relationship Calculator

  • The Relationship Calculator now has the ability to display multiple relationships for an individual (for example when cousins marry).

Global Spell-Check

  • An enhanced spell-check will look for spelling errors in all fact

Family Group Sheet Redesign

  • The Family Group Sheet has been redesigned and has improved image support.

Genealogy Report Improvements

  • The wording of the Register and Ahnentafel reports now have a more narrative feel.

Kinship Report Lists Multiple Relationships

  • The Kinship report now lists every relationship for an individual. For example, if cousins marry, their relationships as spouses and cousins will be included.

Sources in Charts

  • You can now include source information with a chart; sources are numbered and displayed at the end of the chart. Export and Delete Individuals from Charts
  • You can select a group of individuals in a chart and then export them as a separate tree or delete them as a group.

Include or Exclude Non-preferred Events in Charts and Reports

  • You can choose whether to include or exclude non-preferred facts from charts and reports.

Shortened Place Names

  • You can enter your own brief place names to use in reports and charts.

Book-Building Improvements

  • You can change the order in which items in your book appear by dragging and dropping them in the book outline; you can also use duplicate names for book items.

Scanner Support

  • You can scan images directly into Family Tree Maker.

Slide Show

  • Create slide show presentations using images you’ve included in your tree. (The slide show can be viewed in Windows Media Player).

Work with Media Items as a Group

  • Select multiple media items at the same time; choose categories for media items as a group.

GPS/Latitude-Longitude Support

  • In the Places workspace you can access and modify GPS coordinates. You can also select your own locations on the map and store their GPS coordinates.

Migration Maps

  • Show the locations of an individual’s life events on a map. Or choose multiple individuals and show all the locations linked to an entire family. (You can select the specific individuals to include and the specific events you want mapped.)

I am a happy FTM user. I really like FTM's search integration. I also like the flexibility of the user interface. I'm looking forward to the new version of FTM2010 and putting the program through its paces. I'm especially interested in seeing how the Family Tree Download works. To order FTM 2012 , go to the Ancestry Store. And if you pre-order you can save 50% FTM2010 Use Family Tree Maker 2012 Coupon Code in checkout cart for another 20% savings. 2C4TCHL

Family Tree Maker 2009

Take a look at what’s new since the original release of Family Tree Maker 2008. Features available for the first time in Version 2009 are marked with an asterisk (*).

Genealogy Reports

  • Register and Ahnentafel full reports
  • Register and Ahnentafel simplified reports*
  • Data Errors report*


  • Vertical Pedigree Chart
  • Hourglass Chart*
  • Horizontal Hourglass Chart*
  • Bow Tie Chart*
  • 180-Degree Fan Chart*
  • Family Tree Chart*

Publishing Functionality

  • Book layouts for main charts
  • Saved settings in charts/reports
  • Saved templates in charts
  • Preparer information included in chart footers
  • Enhancements to the RTF export
  • Ability to show siblings within charts*
  • Single-page PDF export from charts*
  • Ability to add boxes in charts to a “Marked Box” category and modify box settings for these boxes*

Improved Data Manipulation Tools

  • Change Place Name tool
  • Find and Replace tool
  • Streamlined data entry from any workspace using a full-featured edit person window*
  • Ability to set spouse order (Person menu)*
  • Ability to order media items for an individual*
  • Find Individual tool (Edit menu)*
  • Find Duplicate Individuals tool (Edit menu)*
  • Ability to update multiple facts at one time (From Manage Facts or Fact options): change fact types, move description to place or place to description, mark as private*
  • Insert foreign language characters into text fields*

Improvements within Research Tools

  • Automatic simple backup at shutdown
  • Ability to ignore hints*
  • Option to delete existing facts in individual and Web merge*
  • Inclusion of married names, AKAs, and titles in index*

Improvements to Import

  • Improved name parsing
  • OLE objects (PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, RTF) from previous FTM versions*
  • Import previously ignored hints lists*

Improvements to Places

  • Track and print your ancestors’ migration paths on interactive maps*
  • Places toolbar that allows for researching place names not currently in the file and pinpointing places such as libraries, churches, and courthouses*

Improvements to Sources

  • Copy and paste source citations

* New in Family Tree Maker 2009

Here’s what’s coming:

In addition, we are currently working on new features that will be available as part of Family Tree Maker 2009—as soon as they become available:

  • Book Building
  • Better Ancestry Member Tree Integration
  • Improved Relationship Calculator
  • Source templates based on Evidence Explained by source expert, Elizabeth Shown Mills
  • And many others…

Thank you to all of the Family Tree Maker community for their loyalty through the years. We are committed to making Family Tree Maker the best desktop software for doing your family history.

Family Tree Maker 2008

Are you just getting started with family history? Family Tree Maker 2009 makes it easy to find and preserve your family heritage. Are you already an expert? You’ll will like the program’s robust features including flexible data-management options.

The award winning Family Tree Maker genealogy program has just been completely redesigned from the ground up. This genealogy program allows you to organize family history info in trees, charts, timelines, and have a view of each person in your family tree that shows facts, photos, web clippings & maps. You can publish your family tree to share with your family or create a custom family history book at AncestryPress.

FTM 2008 has a whole new look and architecture. Every effort has been made to make family history easy and fun.

With FTM 2008, it is easier than ever to organize and preserve all the information you've collected about your family. FTM 2008 also makes it easy to begin your family history and start your family history collection.

  • Build a family tree starting with names, dates and events.
  • Attach photos, documents and audio and video files.
  • Quickly merge new facts and records from the web into your tree.
  • Explore the places where your ancestors once lived with user interactive maps.
  • Design and print charts to display at home and share with family.
  • Highlight personal, family and world events that occurred during your ancestors' lives with TimeLines.
  • Read this Review of FTM2008.

Included with Family Tree Maker 2008

Included with every copy of the genealogy program FTM 2008 is:
  • A training DVD featuring Megan Smolenyak, America’s leading family historian, who presents tips and guidelines for building your family tree.
  • Our History in Images DVD of U.S. Postcards. Add visual excitement and historical context to your family tree with more than 30,000 vintage postcards from all 50 states.
  • 14-day free trial subscription to Search the world’s largest online repository of family history records.

What's New in Family Tree Maker 2008

The program FTM2008 is divided into

seven distinct areas called workspaces

that focus on the key tasks of research and data management for your family tree. The following list explains some of the new features available in each of the workspaces.


  • Improved file merge. The Merge Wizard helps you import to bring into a program a file that was created using another program.
  • Global task management. Tasks can be added for the tree or for a person.
  • Ability to import without having to use a GEDCOM - import from PAF, Legacy, The Master Genealogist and various other file formats.


  • Family view that combine the family tree and family group.
  • Person view that displays facts, sources, notes, and tasks in one view.
  • Timeline view that lists personal, family, and historic events.
  • Relationship view that lists family relationships.
  • Index groupings that allow searching by family name, given name, birth date, marriage date, and death date.
  • History list that displays the changes made to records in the tree.


  • A Place Authority database of 3 million complete place names connected to Fast Fields
  • Microsoft Virtual Earth Mapping (both 2D & 3D to find each location in the tree.
  • A view to see all of the people associated with a location.


  • View all of the images and media in your tree from one location.
  • Link one media file to multiple people and view all of the people a media file is linked to.


  • View all of the sources in your tree from one location.
  • Rate sources using standardized rating criteria.
  • Full reference notes.
  • Flexible citation.


  • New charts (Relationship Chart) and reports (Marriage Report, Parentage Report, Media Items, Photo Album, Media Usage Report). More
  • Improved chart and report customization.
  • Output charts and reports to PDF, CSV, RTF, HTML, JPG and other formats

Web Search

  • Search,, and and merge the results into your tree.
  • Search anywhere on the Internet from within Family Tree Maker and merge the results into your tree.
  • Add your own bookmarks to web sites.
  • Capture text, images, and entire web pages and merge them into the tree.

FTM 2014