Old-Style U. S. State Abbreviations

Knowing the old fashioned U. S. state abbreviations - the abbreviations used before the current two-letter postal abbreviations - may help with your searches for transcriptions of old records. Many genealogy web sites and databases consist of transcribed historical records which leave in place abbreviations "as-is".

Knowing to search Google for both the state and its old fashioned abbreviation, such as Washington OR "Wash." can widen your search possibilities. If you are using Google to search for old records, these records will probably use the old abbreviation.

The two letter abbreviations came into use in 1963.

If you are reading an old document that uses the old style state abbreviations, the following list can help:

Alabama Ala.
Arizona Ariz.
Arkansas Ark.
California Cal., Calif.
Colorado Col., Colo.
Connecticut Conn.
Delaware Del.
Florida Fla.
Georgia Ga., Geo.
Idaho Idaho
Illinois Ill.
Indiana Ind.
Indian Territory I. Terr.
Iowa Iowa
Kansas Kan., Kans.
Kentucky Ky.
Louisiana La.
Maine Me
Maryland Md.
Massachusetts Mass.
Michigan Mich.
Minnesota Minn., Mn.
Mississippi Miss.
Missouri Mo.
Montana Mont.
Nebraska Neb., Nebr.
Nevada Nev.
New Hampshire N. Hamp.
New Jersey N. J.
New Mexico N. Mex.
New York N. Y.
North Carolina N. Car.
North Dakota N. Dak.
Ohio O.
Oklahoma Okla.
Oregon Ore.
Pennsylvania Penn., Penna.
Rhode Island R. I.
South Carolina S. Car.
South Dakota S. Dak.
Tennessee Tenn.
Texas Tex.
Utah U. Terr.
Vermont Vt.
Virginia Va.
Washington W., Wash.
Washington, D. C. Wash, D. C.
West Virginia W. Va., W. Vir.
Wisconsin Wis., Wisc.
Wyoming Wyo.