History of Richmond County, New York, 1887

Bogart Family

This family is of Dutch extraction. The name was originally written Bogaert. The earliest mention of the name in the province occurs in an assessment roll of Breucklen (Brooklyn), dated 1673, where Theunes Gisbertse Bogaert is named, having the largest assessment on the roll. We find him again assessed in 1683. In 1715 we find the name of Simon enrolled among the militia of Kings county. Our theory is that this Simon had a brother Tunis, and that they were sons of Gysbert, for, in the assessment mentioned above, he is rated for three polls (himself and two sons); that these sons married Simon Bogaert and Margarietje Ten Eyck had the following children: Elisabet, baptized October 18, 1719; Margareta, baptized December 3, 1722; Simon, baptized May 19, 1726; Gysbert, baptized January 19, 1729; Sarah, baptized February 13, 1732, and perhaps others.

Tunis and Catharine Hageman had the following children: Isaak, baptized November 21, 1718; Adrian, baptized December 18, 1720; Abraham, baptized April 21, 1723; Maria, baptized March 28, 1725; Cornelius, baptized March 2, 1729, and perhaps others.

Simon (probably son of Simon) and Martha, his wife, had the following children: Mary, born December 4, 1746; Simon, horn June 19, 1754; Richard, born February 22, 1757.

Isaac and Rachel had a son John, born October 14, 1770; also a son Simon, who was the father of Timothy C. Bogart, near the Four Corners.

Source: History of Richmond County, (Staten Island) From its Discovery to the Present Time: Richard M. Bayles: New York: L.E. Preston & Co.; 1887

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