History of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, 1887

Reuben Fluck Biography

Reuben B. Fluck, farmer, P. 0. Dublin, is a grandson of Philip Fluck, who was a farmer and huckster, and who died in Hilltown about forty years ago. His wife, Mary Ott, survived him several years. Those of their children who are now living are: John, near Soudertown, in this county; Jacob, in this township; Enos, in Rockhill; Thomas, in Haycock; and Samuel, father of Reuben, who lives on an adjoining farm.

He was born in Hilltown and is now 67 years old. His wife is Susanna Bollinger, from Doylestown township, who is now 66 years old.

They had but two children, one of whom, Oliver, was never married, and died in October, 1878, aged 21. He was a young man of good character and much promise, a teacher in this township for several years, and held a high class certificate.

Reuben B. was born where his father now lives, June 8, 1847. He lived with his father until he was 31 years old, a year after his marriage. Then for a year he rented a farm near by, and in 1880 bought his present home.

December 16, 1877, he was married to Barbara Ann, daughter of William Miller, of this township. She was born June 20, 1847.

They have four children living: Clare, Susanna, Alice, and Samuel; and a son, Oliver, who died in infancy.

Mr. Fluck is an industrious, honest, and trustworthy man and a good neighbor. He has never held public office, his time being entirely given to his farm and family.

Source: History of Bucks County, Pennsylvania; J.H. Battle; Warner & Co.; 1887.

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