History of Chester County, Pennsylvania, 1881

Culbertson, John, Esq. Biography

Culbertson, John, Esq., died Nov. 11, 1767, aged 57 years, and was buried at Brandywine Manor church. Maj. John Culbertson, probably a son, was an active Whig during the Revolution. He died Sept. 12, 1794, aged 55 years, and Sarah, his wife, April 15, 1812, aged 75.

The following notice occurs in Saffell's "Records of the Revolutionary War":

"Captain Samuel Culbertson, of Colonel Montgomery's Regiment of Flying Camp, a Fort Washington prisoner, was captured Nov. 16, 1776. He was a prisoner, within certain bounds on Long Island, until Aug. 16, 1779, when he was ordered into the city prisons of New York. Lewis Pintard and Colonel Palfrey supplied him, in 1776 and 1777, with money. He was exchanged Nov. 2, 1780, at Elizabethtown, N.J., and made his way to his place of abode, at Yellow Springs, Pa. Capt. Culbertson was possessed of fine literary abilities and military talents."

Margaret, wife of Samuel Culbertson, died May 12, 1811, in her 66th year.

Source: History of Chester County, J. Smith Futhey and Gilbert Cope; Philadelphia: Louis H. Everts & Co.; 1881.

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