All Sorts of Pittsburgers, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania, 1892

John Dalzell Biography


HON. JOHN DALZELL, the distinguished member of the House of Representatives from the Twenty-Second District, was born April 19, 1845, in New York City, and was brought to Pittsburg by his parents in 1847. He received his education at the common schools, at the Western University, and at Yale College, graduating from the latter institution in the class of 1865.

Mr. Dalzell studied law with the late John H. Hampton. He was admitted to the bar in February, 1867, and practiced in partnership with his preceptor as attorney for the Pennsylvania Railroad and its connections, and also in a wide range of civil cases. In 1892, Mr. Dalzell was elected to Congress, and has since served continuously in that body, making a national.record for himself as the most brilliant representative from Pennsylvania. His speeches on the tariff, the Federal elections bill, and other measures of superior importance, have challenged widespread attention and inspired a strong sentiment, in favor of sending him to the United States Senate.

In 1891, Mr. Dalzell was a candidate for the presidency of the State League of Republican Clubs, but was defeated by Hon. John B. Robinson, in whose favor Senator Quay, jealous of Mr. Dalzell's prominence, set the Republican machine in motion. Immediately after this rebuff, Mr. Dalzell, instead of resenting the treatment accorded him, took-the stump for the Republican State ticket, and earned new laurels by a series of magnificent speeches.

There is no readier speaker in the State than he, and none who is capable of competing with him in point of statesmanlike qualifications.

Source: All Sorts of Pittsburgers Sketched in Prose and Verse; Burgoyne, Arthur; Pittsburg, PA; The Leader; 1892.
Note: The correct spelling of Pittsburgh in 1892 was Pittsburg. The spelling Pittsburgh was officially restored in 1911.

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