Genealogy Software Programs

  • Family Tree Builder
    Free download from My Heritage. Integrates with the My Heritage website and supports 40 languages. Premium version offers more features.

  • Family Tree Heritage Platinum 9
    Family Tree Heritage is fully integrated with the new FamilySearch, the online Mormon genealogy web site, the largest genealogy organization in the world. Find records and important documents for your ancestors with one click from the Main Menu. Import records directly and build your family tree quickly

  • Family Tree Maker
    Family Tree Maker has long the most popular software with integration to the website Now available for download or on disc from McKiev in both PC and Mac, the program is constantly being updated and improved.

  • Gramps
    Free Genealogy software. Download this full-featured genealogy program It is a community project, created, developed and governed by genealogists.

  • Legacy Family Tree
    Free Genealogy software. Download the free standard edition of this full-featured genealogy program or purchase the deluxe edition. Also creates charts and books.

  • RootsMagic 7 Family Tree Genealogy
    RootsMagic Family Tree Genealogy Software is a very popular genealogy program because it is considered by many to be an easy to use yet powerful family tree software. A free download is available from RootsMagic .

  • Ancestral Quest
    Download either the full version or the basic core version of Ancestral Quest. It is similar to the discontinued PAF which had been distributed by the Mormon Church. AQ Basics contains the core features of the more advanced Ancestral Quest. AQ comes with English preinstalled. You can download other language modules and switch between language modules to work with your data or print reports in other languages. Language modules are available for free in French, Spanish, Swedish, Norwegian, and Chinese

  • Personal Historian 2 Software
    Personal Historian is software which assists you in writing personal histories, memoirs, and biographies about yourself, your family, and other individuals. It breaks this seemingly monumental task into small, manageable pieces and then reconstructs it into a complete, publishable document. It is not a way to store your family tree, but rather software that helps write your family history.

  • Agelong Tree
    Agelong Tree is an offline user-friendly program comfortable for both beginners and pros. The family tree is built automatically using information on people and the events which connect these people. Your information is stored on your computer only. Available in English, Arabic, Armenian, Bashkir, Belarusian, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese. Circassian, Croatian, Czech, English, Estonian, French, Galician, Georgian, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak. Spanish, Tajik, Tatar, Turkish, Turkmen, Ukrainian, and Uzbek,