Palatine Immigrant Ships to Philadelphia

German, Swiss, Dutch & French Palatine ships to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Dec. 10, 1771. Ship General Wolfe

Richard Hunter, Commander-from. Lisbon. Portugal.

Charles Smith
R. Berger
Francs Pros
Casper Trible *
John Carle *
V Anton Ernits
Nich. Biso *
Joannes Baptista
John Fajon *
Johannes Schmitt.

  • From original German signature unless marked with *
  • * From name written by clerk
  • ? Original German signature difficult to decipher
  • a John Cottringer was only qualified Feb. 14, 1769

Source: A Collection of upwards of Thirty Thousand Names of German, Swiss, Dutch, French and other Immigrants in Pennsylvania From 1727 to 1776; Prof. I. Daniel Rupp, Second Revised Edition, 1876, Philadelphia.

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