German, Swiss, Dutch & French (Palatine) immigrant ships to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Rev. Joshua Kocherthal - Quassick Creek - then Dutchess County, N. Y.

Names, Age, and Occupation of these who Accompanied
Rev. Joshua Kocherthal

who settled on lands on Quassick Creek, then Dutchess County, N. Y.,in the Spring of 1709.

Rev. Joshua Kocherthal, aged 39; Sibylla Charlotta, his wife, 39; their children, Benigna Sibylla, 10; Christ. Joshua, 7 ; Susanna Sibylla, 3. Kocherthal was furnished with 1 barrel of lime, 3 gouges, 2 formers (kind of chisel), 1 grind-stone, 1 square, 1 rule, 1 compass and several pieces more.

Lorents Schwisser, aged 25, husbandman and vinedresser; Anna Catharina, his wife, 26; their daughter, Johanna, 8.-He was furnished with 1 grind-stone, 1 square, 1 little gimlet, 2 augers, 1 smoothing plane, besides several pieces more.

Henrich Rennau, aged 24, stocking weaver, husbandman and vinedresser; Johanna, his wife, 26; their children, Lorentz, 2; Heinrich, 5 months old, and two sisters of Mrs. Rennau, Susanna Liboscha, 15; Maria Johanna Liboscha, 10 years old.-He received 1 cross cut saw, 1 mitre block, 1 adze, 2 augers, 1 gimlet, besides several small pieces.

Andreas Volck, aged 30, husbandman and vinedresser; his wife, Anna Catharina, 27; their children, Maria Barbara, 5; Georg Hieronymus, 4; Anna Gertrauda, 1,-He received 1 cross cut saw, 1 smoothing plane, 1 whipping saw, a set of gouges, besides several pieces more.

Michael Weigand, aged 52, husbandman; his wife, Anna Catharina, 54; their children, Anna Maria, 13; Tobias, 7; Georg, 5.-He received 1 large file, 1 smaller one, 1 mortising chisel, 1 auger, besides several small pieces.

Jacob Weber, aged 30, husbandman and vinedresser; his wife, .Anna Elisabeth, 25; their children, Anna Maria, 5; Eva Elisabeth, 1.-He received 1 box with knife, whitelead and compass, 1 adze, 2 gouges, 1 mortising chisel, besides several pieces more.

Johan Jacob Plettel, aged 40, husbandman and vinedresser; his wife, Anna Elisabeth, 29; their children, Margaretha, 10; Anna Sara, 8; Catharina, 3.-It appears that Mr. Plettel, husband of Anna Elisabeth, had died prior to April 20, 1710, when these implements were distributed. It is recorded "to widow Plettel," 1 whipping saw, 1 great hammer, 1 gimlet, 1 tenant saw, besides several pieces more.

Johannes Fischer, aged 27, smith and husbandman; his wife, Maria Barbara, 26; one child, Andreas, 6 months old.-He received 1 tenant saw, 1 gimlet, 1 hammer, 1 small file, 1 hatchet, I jointer, besides several small pieces.

Melchior Guelch, aged 39, carpenter and joiner; his wife, Anna Catharina, 43; their children, Magdalena, 12; Heinrich, 10.-He received 2 full sets of carpenter's tools.

Peter Rose, aged 34, cloth weaver; his wife, Johanna, 45; no children.-He received 1 glue pot, l wimble, l hatchet, 1 little hammer, 2 augers, 1 jointer, besides several pieces more.

Maria Wemarin, widow, 37 years of age; her daughter, Catharina, 2.-She received 1 smoothing plane, 1 file, 1 hatchet, besides several small pieces more.

Isaac Feber (Le Fever), aged 33, husbandman; his wife, Catharina, 30; their son, Abraham, 2 years old.-He received 1 broad axe, 1 little hatchet, 1 smoothing file, I rule, 1 former, besides several pieces more.

NOTE.-Isaac Le Fever was born March 26, 1669, and died in Lancaster County, Pa., 1736. His son, Abraham, was born April 9,1706.I. D. R.

Daniel Fiero, aged 32, husbandman ; his wife, Anna Maria, 30; their children, Andreas, 7; Johannes, 6.-He received 1 broad axe, 1 square, 1 mitre block, 1 tenant saw, 1 jointer, besides several small pieces more.

Herman Schuneman, aged 28, clerk, unmarried.

Isaac Turck, aged 23, husbandman, unmarried.
NOTE.-In 1711, Isaac Turk left New York, went to Pennsylvania

*In 1710, April 20, these were furnished by Queen Anne, through Melchior Guelch, a Palatine joiner, with implements.

Livingston Manor, New York
Names of male Palatine Germans above twenty-one years old in Livingston Manor, N. Y. in the winter of 1710 and summer 1711.

Source: A Collection of upwards of Thirty Thousand Names of German, Swiss, Dutch, French and other Immigrants in Pennsylvania From 1727 to 1776; Prof. I. Daniel Rupp, Second Revised Edition, 1876, Philadelphia.

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