Palatine Immigrant Ships to Philadelphia

German, Swiss, Dutch & French Palatine ships to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Passenger list for the ship Nancy and Friendship ** Sept. 20, 1738

Palatines imported in the ship Nancy and Friendship, William Wallace, Commander, from Rotterdam, last from Dover. Eighty-seven males above sixteen, and one hundred women and children - in all 187

Johan Bubinger

Jacob Rost *

Stephan Glaser

Michael Karcher

Johannes Kulm

Lorentz Debong *

Johannes Negele

Adam Krebs *

Philip Stover

Heinrich Seibel

Adam Pence *

Jacob Wallrecht

Jacob Vollmer

Jacob Fulmer *

Tobias Dittis

Jacob Zorn

Michael Hubrich

Jean Granger

Casper Messner *

Leopold Jost

Georg Muller

Paulus Hime *

Jacob Hime *

Jacob Stamler

Jean Jurdan

Jacob Durie *

Nicolas Strauss

Jean Gausfres

Johan Wendel Braun

Valentin Schaller

Hans Georg Becher

Theobald Klinger

Johannes Hannecker

Abraham Ecker

Johannes Schreiber

Hans Peter Rausenberger *

Christian Meyer *

Theobald Sterner *

Hans Georg Buch

Johannes Schwartzwelder

Johannes Schaller

Hans Jacob Huber

Michael Messner *

Bartholmaus Bach

Hans Adam Bach

Hans Georg Hartman *

Johannes Schwanner

Hans Gerog Mahler *

Johannes Stinglie *

Friederich Pfunder

Bernhart Matz

Hans Michael Brauch

Valentin Pence *

Christopher Weiss

Valentin Reintzel

Abraham Wendel

Adam Ritter

Peter Lauchks *

Philip Sowher *

Jacob Schup *

Georg Kern *

Bernard Ege *

Jacob Ege

Friederich Karle

Sebastian Neas *

Henrich Hermes

Vite Bechtoldt

Jacob Wagner

Lorentz Hautz *

Marx Schmidt

Friederich Heyly *

Martin Speck

Christian Jung

Johannes Freyling *

Geeorg Michael Boret *

Joh. Georg Kauffman

Eberhard Drollinger

Joh. Ad. Schwartzwalder

Christoph Wendel Jacoby

Johan Michel Ege

Adam Drollinger

Georg Daniel Henner *

Johannes Langle

Johannes Gensemer

Johannes Friederich *

Joh. Martin Karecher

Dan. Friederich Reinetz ?

Hans Georf Bauch *

Hans Gerog Konig

  • From original German signature unless marked with *
  • * From name written by clerk
  • ? Original German signature difficult to decipher

Source: A Collection of upwards of Thirty Thousand Names of German, Swiss, Dutch, French and other Immigrants in Pennsylvania From 1727 to 1776; Prof. I. Daniel Rupp, Second Revised Edition, 1876, Philadelphia; pp.122-123. **Rupp incorrectly records this ship Friendship as Nancy and Friendship.

In Strassburger, Ralph Beaver, Pennsylvania German Pioneers, - Vol. I-II (2). Norristown, Pennsylvania: Pennsylvania German Society, 1934.

'....It was most likely this publication in the Colonial Records that drew the attention of I. Daniel Rupp, the well-known historian of Pennsylvania to the lists. At any rate, in 1856, he published a book, entitled A Collection of Thirty Thousand Names of German, Swiss, Dutch, French and Other Immigrants in Pennsylvania from 1727 to 1776, etc. It contained the names of all the males of sixteen years and upwards, in the body of the book, the children's names being given in an appendix. In 1875 and later, other editions appeared, which Rupp calls 'carefully revised and much improved.' The improvement consisted in the fact that the names of the children under sixteen years were inserted, in the case of each ship, with which children are given, immediately under the names of the adults. Rupp also added sixteen appendices and an 'Interpretation of the Baptismal Names.'

The headings were made up by Rupp from the Colonial Records, or condensed from the actual headings as found on the lists. In this attempt to condense many slips were made, only a few of which need to be mentioned, by way of example. Occasionally he omitted the name of the ship. Thus in No. 43, he states that 110 persons were imported in the brigantine Perth-amboy, which should be, in the brigantine John, of Perth am-boy. In list 141, he omits both the name of the ship as well as the captain, the ship was Lydia and the captain John Randolph (See our No. 142).

More frequently he misreads the names of the ships. Richmond and Elizabeth (No. 33) should be Richard and Elizabeth. Virginus Grace (No. 46) should be Virtuous Grace. The name of ship No. 58 should not be Nancy and Friendship, but Friendship; while the name Nancy belongs to No. 59. The ship Bawley, No. 188, should be the ship Rawley, see our list, No. 191. Robert and Oliver (No. 55) should be Robert and Alice. Instead of Morton Star (No. 296) we should read Morning Star (see our list, No. 301).'

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