Palatine Immigrant Ships to Philadelphia

German, Swiss, Dutch & French Palatine ships to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Passenger List of the ship Billander Oliver Aug. 26, 1735

Switzers, late inhabitants of the Canton of Bern, in Switzerland, imported in the ship Billander Oliver,

Samuel Merchant, Master, from South Carolina. - Eighteen men, eighteen women, six boys and three girls - in all 45.

Male passengers above the age of 16:

Hans Bucher

Lazarus Wenger

Hans Koller *

Crhistian Zwaller

Johannes Marti

Jacob Stelly *

Ulrich Yilia *

Johannes Etter

Peter Henckels

Christian Brenholtz *

Hans Michael Pingley

Hans Ludenborg

Abraham Mausslin

Ulrich Misehler

Christian Weber *

Jacob Wilelm Naath

Hans Leyenberger *

Hans Bucher jr.

Under Sixteen:

Benjamin Bucher

Christian Bucher

Jacob Koller

Peter Leinberger

Hans Weber

Christian Weber

  • From original German signature unless marked with *
  • * From name written by clerk
  • ? Original German signature difficult to decipher

Source: A Collection of upwards of Thirty Thousand Names of German, Swiss, Dutch, French and other Immigrants in Pennsylvania From 1727 to 1776; Prof. I. Daniel Rupp, Second Revised Edition, 1876, Philadelphia; pp.100.

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