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US Census Abbreviations

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US Census Abbreviations

Ever wonder about the meaning of some of the abbreviations found in the US census? Here's a handy list of relationship, citizenship and race abbreviations, along with the original instructions given to the census enumerators.


ditto            do. (which means "same as line above")

1900, 1910, 1920 Citizenship Status

AL Alien (not naturalized and had not filed first papers)
PA First papers filed (declaration of intent)
NA Naturalized
NR Not recorded

1910 Color and Race

White W
Black B
Mulatto Mu
Chinese Ch
Japanese Jp
Indian. In
All others Ot

1910 Census Abbreviations

Adopted Ad
Adopted Child Ad.Cl
Adopted Daughter Ad.D
Adopted Grandchild Ad.Gcl
Adopted Mother Ad.M
Adopted Son Ad.S
Apprentice Ap
Attendant At
Assistant Asst
Aunt A
Aunt-In-Law Al
Bartender Bar
Boarder Bo
Bound Girl B.Girl
Bound Boy B.Boy
Boy Boy
Brother B
Brother-In-Law Bl
Butler Bu
Captain Cap
Chamber Maid Cha
Child Cl
Coachman Coa
Companion Com
Cook Cook
Cousin C
Cousin-In-Law Cil
Daughter D
Daughter-In-Law Dl
Day Laborer Dla
Dish Washer Dw
Domestic Dom
Employee Emp
Engineer En
Farm Hand Fa.H
Farm Laborer Fa.L
Farm Worker Fa.W
Father F
Father-In-Law Fl
Fireman Fi
First Cousin First C
Foster Brother Fo.B
Foster Sister Fo.Si
Foster Son Fo.S
God Child God Cl
Governess Go
Grand Child Gcl
Grand Daughter Gd
Grand Father Gf
Grand Mother GM
Grand Mother-In-Law Gml
Grand Son Gs
Grand Son-In-Law Gsl
Great Grandfather Ggf
Grand Niece
(or Great Niece)
Grand Nephew
(or Great Nephew)
Great Grandmother Ggm
Great-Great-Grandfather Gggf
Great-Great-Grandmother Gggm
Guardian Gua
Guest Guest
Half Sister H.Si
Half Sister-In-Law H.Sil
Half Brother Hb
Half Brother-In-Law Hbl
Help Help
Herder He
Hired Girl H.Gi
Hired Hand H.H
Hireling Hlg
Housekeeper Hk
Housemaid H.Maid
House Worker Hw
Husband Husband
Inmate Inmate
Laborer La
Laundry Lau
Lodger L
Maid Maid
Manager Man
Matron Mat
Mother M
Mother-In-Law Ml
Nephew N
Nephew-In-Law Nl
Niece Ni
Niece-In-Law Nil
Nurse Nu
Officer O
Partner Pa
Patient P
Physician Ph
Porter Por
Principal Pri
Prisoner Pr
Private Prv
Pupil Pu
Roomer R
Sailor Sa
Saleslady Sal
Servant Se
Servant's Child Se.Cl
Sister Si
Son S
Son-In-Law Sl
Step Brother Sb
Step Brother-In-Law Sbl
Step Child Scl
Step Daughter Sd
Step Daughter-In-Law Sdl
Step Father Sf
Step Father-In-Law Sfl
Step Granddaughter Sgd
Step Grandson Sgs
Step Mother Sm
Step Mother-In-Law Sml
Step Sister Ssi
Step Sister-In-Law Ssil
Step Son Ss
Step Son-In-Law Ssl
Superintendent Su
Tenant Ten
Uncle U
Uncle-In-Law Ul
Visitor Vi
Waiter Wt
Waitress Wai
Ward Ward
Warden Wa
Wife W
Workman Wkm

The abbreviations in column 30 of the 1910 census are...

UA Survivor of the Union Army
UN Survivor of the Union Navy
CA Survivor of the Confederate Army
CN Survivor of the Confederate Navy

Instructions given to US census enumerators

Enumerator instructions

Clues in Census Records, 1790-1840
Clues in Census Records, 1850-1920

US Census Search Engines

US Census Search Engines

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