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Rootsweb is one of oldest completely FREE genealogy sites on the Internet, and is owned and sponsored by Rootsweb is also one of the largest genealogy sites. It has hundreds of gigabytes - literally millions of pages - of free genealogy data and more records are added every day.

In addition to providing web space for genealogy societies, RootsWeb is also a supporter of the USGenWeb projects, and houses many GenWeb pages and data archives. Rootsweb is also home to thousands of genealogy personal websites and genealogy message boards.

These diverse records are all available and searchable at the Rootsweb site.

Search Rootsweb

  • RootsWeb Global Search
    RootsWeb World-wide surname searches and the World Connect Project.

  • RootsWeb United States Search
    Search US vital records, cemeteries, and census.

  • RootsWeb Queries
    Search the queries in the RootsWeb Message Board & Forums.

  • RootsWeb Meta Search
    Search forty-six Rootsweb databases and files in one search.

    This meta search for Rootsweb searches 46 of Rootsweb largest databases at once. These include:
    • Vital Records
    • Land Records
    • Military Records
    • Freepages Genealogy Websites
    • Surname Helper
    • World Connect project
    • Obituary Daily Times
    • RootsWeb Surname List
    • US Social Security Death Index
    • Gen Connect
    • And Many more databases

About Rootsweb

Rootsweb is the oldest free genealogy site on the web today with hundreds of millions names from around the world online. Performing a thorough search on RootsWeb can be challenging, but rewarding. There are several reasons for this:

  • RootsWeb is quite large. There are literally hundreds of gigabytes of content and hundreds of millions of names on RootsWeb.
  • RootsWeb actually consists of thousands of Web sites, databases and files that have accumulated in different formats since 1993 and which continue to grow every day.
  • This accumulation was unplanned; therefore, there is today no single place where you can search all of RootsWeb.

The content of much of what is on the RootsWeb site has been placed there by other users, both as a means of finding fellow researchers with common interests and as a service to the genealogy community. You are encouraged to continue this work by contributing your own queries, comments and research results to Rootsweb.