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RootsWeb is a huge free website with hundreds of millions of names in thousands of Web sites, databases and files that have accumulated in different formats since 1993 and which continue to grow every day. There used to be no single place where all of RootsWeb could be searched.

However, today Rootsweb is in the process of improving access to its databases, and focusing on World Connect, mailing Lists and hosted sites such as Free Pages, and is retiring features that are not heavily used and have not been maintained over the years such as Rootweb Surname Helper, Rootsweb Meta Search and Rootsweb Search Thingy. This is making it easier to search all the Rootsweb records.

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    The WorldConnect Project allows users to upload, modify, link, and display their family trees to share their genealogy with other researchers. There are over six hundred million individuals on file in the World Connect Projectd.

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