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Think you may be related to someone famous? People often enjoy knowing that an ancestor was a famous person or historical figure. It may be that you share a surname with a historical person or it may be that you have heard family stories that a famous person was an ancestor.

Relative Finder

A 15-year project at Bringham Young University makes this type of famous-ancestor-finding a lot easier. BYU's Relative Finder allows users to see their relationships to famous people, historical figures, plus friends and co-workers

  • Go to Relative Finder
  • Login in if you already have a Family Search account or create a new account (free)
  • Run the main report as a deceased individual. View all of your common ancestors with another individual. "Connect" feature allows you to temporarily see how you are related to a friend.
  • Watch this video produced by the BYU Family History Library for further instruction.

Famous People Search


Search this custom search for celebrity family trees found across the internet.

More To Do

Genealogy and Family Trees can be fun, and find a famous relative is just part of that fun. If you are interested in starting your own family tree, visit Getting Started in Genealogy to take the first steps in discovering your own family history.