History of Centre and Clinton County, Pennsylvania, 1893

Elizabeth Blakely Biography

Elizabeth Blakely died April 13, 1879, at the residence of Mr. W. S. Gray, in Stormstown, aged eighty years. She was well known in all parts of Centre County, having followed the profession of teaching for the last fifty years, and also filled the position of governess in a number of the best families in the county.

She never married, but lived a modest blameless, Christian life, the virtues of which are now jewels in her heavenly crown. She never left a position that she was not followed by the best wishes, or did not leave a lasting impression of her goodness and earnestness on the minds of those under her charge, or of those with whom she came in contact otherwise.

Source: History of Centre and Clinton Counties, Pennsylvania; John Blair Linn; Philadelphia; Louis H. Everts; 1883.

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