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Centre & Clinton County, Pennsylvania Biographies

Extracted from the book History of Centre and Clinton Counties by John Blair Linn, 1883

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Biographical Sketches and Genealogies:

Alexander, Elizabeth
Alexander, James
Alexander, James
Alexander, Josiah
Alexander, William
Alexander, William
Allison, Archibald
Allison, Matthew
Allison, William
Anspach, John
Antes, Philip
Austin, Jane
Bailey, Richard
Bailey, William
Baird, Jane
Baird, Nancy
Baker, Samuel
Barber, James
Barnhart, Henry
Barnhart, Jacob
Barnhart, Mary
Bathurst, Antes
Bathurst, James
Bayard, Dr. A. W.
Bear, George
Beaver, James Addams
Bechdol, David
Bell, John
Benner, John
Benner, John
Benner, Philip
Berry, Jacob
Bierly, Anthony
Bierly, Anthony Jr.
Bierly, John
Blair, David
Blair, Eleanor
Blakely, Elizabeth
Boal, David
Boal, Elizabeth
Boaz, John
Boggs, Andrew
Boggs, John
Boggs, Robert
Boggs, William
Bollander, Stephen
Botorf, Jacob
Brady, William Perry
Brew, Thaddeus
Brisben, William
Brisbin, John Jr.
Brisbin, John Sr.
Brungart, George
Brungart, Jacob
Brungart, Martin
Bryson, Robert
Buchanan, General George
Buchtel, John
Burchfield, William
Burnside, James
Burnside, Thomas
Caldwell, Jane
Caldwell, Thomas
Callahan, Charles
Cambridge, Constans
Cambridge, John
Campbell, Cleary
Campbell, David
Campbell, James
Canfield, Dr. Ira
Carner, William
Carson, Margaret
Cathcart, William
Chambers, Elijah
Chambers, James
Conser, John
Cook, Martha Walker
Cook, William
Cooper, Rev. Samuel
Corman, George
Crothwaite., Robert
Curtin, A. G.
Curtin, Dr. Constans
Curtin, Roland
Curtin, Roland Jr.
Dale, Christian
Dale, Henry
David, Daniel
De Hass, John Philip
Dobbins, Dr. Daniel
Dougherty, James
Downing, Thomas
Dubbs, Oswald
Dubbs, Oswald
Duncan, David
Dundas, Isabella
Dundavy, D.
Dunlap, Col. James
Dunlap, John
Eckley, Eli
Elder, A. M.
Ellenbarges, Jacob
Ertle, Valentine
Etters, John
Etters, John
Etters, Mary
Everhart, William
Everly, Christian
Ferguson, Thomas
Fetzer, Michael
Fisher, Rev. Peter
Frank, George
Furey, John
Furey, William
Gast, Christian
Gast, Christian
Gast, Nicholas
Gill, William
Glenn, John
Glenn, John
Graham, George
Gramly, Adam
Gramly, FrancisG
Gramly, John
Gray, John
Gray, John L.
Gray, Peter
Gray, Peter B.
Green, Joseph
Green, Joseph Jr.
Green, S. Miles
Gregg, Andrew
Gregg, John Irwin
Hale, James T.
Henning, John

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