History of Centre and Clinton County, Pennsylvania, 1893

David Boal Biography

David Boal died in Harris township, at the residence of his son, Capt. George Boal, on the 14th of March, 1837, aged seventy-three years.

He emigrated from Ireland upon the suppression of the Rebellion of 1798, and settled in Penn's valley, where his character was without spot or blemish. He early connected himself with the Slab Cabin Church, was elected an elder, and served as such until his death.

His place adjoined the town of Boalsburg, and from that circumstance the town took its name.

His children were Mrs. Elizabeth Brisbin, Mary, wife of Hiland Biddle, Hon. George Boal, and John Boal.

Source: History of Centre and Clinton Counties, Pennsylvania; John Blair Linn; Philadelphia; Louis H. Everts; 1883.

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