GREEN, JOSEPH, SR., the first postmaster at Milesburg, was a carpenter, and came from Chester County with John and Joseph Miles to assist in the erection of the Milesburg Iron-Works. He built and lived in a house that stood upon the lot now occupied by Harry Levi's residence. The kitchen portion, constructed of stone, is still standing.

In 1825 he became a partner with John and Joseph Miles in the Milesburg Iron-Works, and retained his interest therein until 1836. He then removed to Milesburg.

He married Hannah Griffith. Their children were Capt. William G. Green, U.S.A., who died in Lexington, Ky., Sept. 29, 1815; Gen. S. Miles Green; Esther, married to Joseph Butler, Esq. (sheriff); Joseph Green, late of Milesburg; Eliza, married to H.L. McMinn; Hannah, married to John Irvin, Jr. Hannah died March 1, 1832. Joseph Green, Sr., died at Milesburg, Feb. 2, 1839, aged seventy-four years.

Source: History of Centre and Clinton Counties, Pennsylvania; John Blair Linn; Philadelphia; Louis H. Everts; 1883.

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