Genealogical and Personal History of Centre and Clinton County, Pennsylvania, 1912


GREEN, GEN. S. MILES, died in Patton township, Dec. 21, 1878, aged eighty-three years. He was a good type of the old school of gentlemen, with a hearty and sincere manner. Carrying the weight of almost an additional span to the years of man's allotted life, he stood erect as a boy of twenty, and retained to a remarkable degree the manly strength and vigor of early life, worthy his Revolutionary ancestry.

Gen. Green was a grandnephew of Col. Samuel Miles, commander of one of the rifle battalions in the Revolutionary war, who was captured at Long Island, 1776, and was subsequently judge of the Court of Errors and Appeals, and mayor of Philadelphia.

The general was born at his grandfather's iron-works, near Milesburg, April 13, 1797, and was, therefore, in the eighty-second year of his age. He studied law with Hon. John Blanchard, and was admitted to the bar cotemporary with the late Hon. A.S. Wilson, John G. Miles, Esq., and others. Shortly after he was appointed deputy attorney-general for Clearfield County, whence he removed to Meadville and remained five years.

In 1834 he abandoned the practice of law and became the manager of the Centre Iron-Works, whence he removed to Barre Forge, in Huntingdon County, carrying on the iron-works there until 1875, when he sold out and returned to his native county, and died at his place on Buffalo Run. He was present in the court-room when Munks was tried, and one of the guards at the gallows. His children are G. Dorsey, Hannah E., and Joseph A. Green.

Source: History of Centre and Clinton Counties, Pennsylvania; John Blair Linn; Philadelphia; Louis H. Everts; 1883.

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