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Clarion County, Pennsylvania Biographies

Extracted from the book History of Clarion County with Illustrations and Biographical Sketches of Some of its Prominent Men and Pioneers by Davis, A. J., 1887.

Biographical Sketches and Genealogies:

Andrews, Charles E.

Arnold, Frank M.

Arnold, George Washington

Arnold, Manasseh

Barr, Hon. W.W.

Berlin, George Neely

Black, Jacob

Bowman, David

Campbell, Hon. James

Collner, W.F.

Craig, Calvin Augustus

Cresswell, John

Davis, A.J.

Eaker, Philip K.

Fox Family

Hess, Michael Eric

Kahle, John W.

Kaufman, Charles

Keating, John

Klingensmith, John

Knox, Hon. James B.

Lowry, Samuel

Payne, T.J.

Reynolds, David

Ritts, Elias

Ritts, John V.

Ross, J. Frank, M.D.

Rulofson, Ruloff Isaac Allen

Shanafelt, William

Siegwarth, John David

Sloan, William C.

Strattan, John R.

Sweny, James

Wilson, Hon. J.H.

Yeany, John

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