History of Erie County, Pennsylvania, 1884

Robert Cochran Biography

Robert Cochran (deceased) son of Robert and Sarah (Lattimore) Cochran, was born at Milton, Northumberland Co., Penn., Aug. 10, 1798, and removed with his father's family to Erie in 1809, and lived the greater part of his life in Erie and its immediate vicinity.

In his youth he was employed as a clerk in the Land Office of the State, when the seat of government was at Lancaster, and, on its removal to Harrisburg, he continued in that position, his father being the head of that office under the administration of Gov. Snyder. He was thus early in life brought in contact with the leading men of the State, and in after life received from them proofs of their appreciation of his capacity and fidelity in public position, by having conferred on him important posts of honor and profit. He was Postmaster at Erie twelve years, being appointed through the friendship and influence of Pres. Buchanan, who, living in the same city with him in his youth, was an early observer of his fitness for public position.

Mr. Cochran was a man of decided and honest character, and never encountered meanness and dishonesty without denouncing them in terms consistent with his own honorable impulses; he was a man of more than ordinary clearness of mind and business capacity, and in the various positions held by him - the post office at Erie, and the several useful local offices of his neighborhood - he always proved himself a capable and accommodating officer.

He married Eliza Justice, a native of N.J., Oct. 20, 1822, and had nine children - Sarah and Rebecca, twins: Mary, Matilda, Martha, Eliza, Robert, Harriett and Henrietta; of these, Eliza and Matilda are now deceased. Rebecca married Dr. A. Thayer, and had three children- Frank, Hattie and Jessie (deceased). Martha married Edwin Willis (deceased); has two children - Robert C. and Edwin B., who married Miss Minnie Welden, of Battle Creek, Mich., and has two children - Jessie Thayer and Vera. Mrs. Cochran died April 19, 1863, and he died Dec. 9, 1869.

The Hon. Robert Cochran was Associate Judge of Erie Co., and built and operated some of the first mills erected in the county; he had, besides our subject, one other son - George Cochran, who was born Feb. 4. 1792, and died on the Erie homestead when about thirty-six years of age.

Source: History of Erie County, Pennsylvania; City of Erie; Chicago; Warner, Beers & Co.; 1884

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