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Erie County, Pennsylvania Biographies

Extracted from the book History of Erie County by Benjamin Whitman; Warner, Beers & Co.; 1884.

Biographical Sketches and Genealogies:

Abell, John

Adams, F.F.

Aichner, Dr. Charles

Allen, George A.

Atkinson, William P.

Austin, F. A. Austin

Babbitt, Elijah

Bailey, Francis

Baker, Isaac

Barkey, Peter

Barnhurst, H.R.

William Bates

F. Bauschard

George Baxter

John Baxter

Philip Becker

C. R. Beechling

E. Sherlock Belknap

E.C. Bennett

Rev. A. L. Benze

Ludwig Bier

John H. Bliss

Jacob Bootz

Maximilian Bosch

Jonas Bowers

Joseph Boyd

John Boyle

C. Brandes

Gustav F. Brevillier

C.M. Briggs

Conard Brown

R.B Brown

S.H. Brown

William A. Brown

G. W. Brubaker

J. M. Bryant

J. Bryce

A. P. Burton

George Burton

Lewis Bush

James Campbell

C. M. Carlson

John Carter

James Casey

Thomas Casey

A. H. Caughey

E. F. Christian

David Clark

William Clark

H. V. Claus

F. A. Clemens

John Clemens

Frank Cleveland

Washington Cleveland

John Coates

J. R. Cochran

Robert Cochran

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