Genealogical and Personal History of Fayette County, Pennsylvania, 1912

Hartley Family Biography

The Hartleys of Fayette county, Pennsylvania, are of recent settlement, being until the advent of Thomas Morgan Hartley, of German township, strictly a Greene county family. The records as kept show the first settler to have been Matthias Hartley, a farmer of Greene county, who married a Miss Leslie and had issue. Three succeeding generations were born in Monongahela township, Greene county, but in the last generation the family in the branch of which Thomas M. Hartley is representative came to Fayette county. The family have been prosperous agriculturists and stockmen in each generation, Democrats, Presbyterians and Baptists.

(II) Josephus, son of Matthias Hartley, was born in Monongahela township, Greene county, Pennsylvania, 1808, died 1892. He was a farmer of Monongahela township all his life, a man of good standing in his community, a member of the Baptist church and a Democrat. He married Sarah, daughter of Noah Minor., also an old settler. She was born in 1810 and was married in 1833. Children: 1. Noah Minor, of whom further. 2. Eliza, married Thomas Cloud; seven children. 3. Matthias, married Anna, daughter of David Downs; seven children. 4. Samuel, died in infancy. 5. John, moved to Iowa; married Hannah, daughter of Hugh Keenan; ten children. 6. Elizabeth, married Archibald Ewart; ten children. 7. Rebecca E., unmarried. 8. Oscar, married Martha Grover.

(III) Noah Minor, son of Josephus and Sarah (Minor) Hartley, was born in Monongahela township, Greene county, Pennsylvania, October 11, 1834. He was educated in the public school, and has been a farmer all his life in Greene county. He was formerly a member of the Baptist church, but now attends the Presbyterian. Politically he is a Democrat. He served during the civil war in Company A, One Hundred and Sixty-eighth Regiment Pennsylvania Infantry. He is now living a quiet, retired life in Carmichaels, Greene county, Pennsylvania, after a life of energetic effort. He married Sarah, born March 5, 1835, daughter of Thomas Morgan, a farmer of Monongahela township, now living in Carmichaels. Children of Mr. Morgan: Sarah, of previous mention; Matilda and John. Children of Noah Minor and Sarah Hartley; 1. Oscar F., born June 24, 1858; married Laura Jennie Flannagan; nine children. 2. Thomas Morgan, of whom further. 3. Josephus Leslie, born April 18, 1864; married Anna Belle Longnecker. 4. John Milton, born May 5, 1866; unmarried. 5. Sarah Matilda, born April 30, 1868; married William Clevinger; one child. 6. Edgar Minor, born October 5, 1870, died December 14, 1874. 7. Rebecca E., born October, 1874; married Charles Riley; four children.

(IV) Thomas Morgan, second son of Noah Minor and Sarah (Morgan) Hartley, was born in Monongahela township, Greene county, Pennsylvania, January 26, 1862. He was educated in the public schools, and early became his father's farm assistant, but after coming of age came to Fayette county and is now one of the prosperous, influential farmers of German township, owning seven hundred and fifty acres of land. He also has a farm of two hundred and seventy acres in Greene county, having acquired these properties without the coal rights. He has nearly all of his land under cultivation and under his own management, which is exceptionally capable. He is a strong Democrat in politics, and attends the Presbyterian church.

He married, January 5, 1882, Cora E., daughter of Jesse B. and Patience (Wanee) Herbert, of Luzerne township, Fayette county, Pennsylvania, and granddaughter of John and Jessie (Bumgarner) Herbert, her maternal grandfather being Charles Wanee, of Luzerne township, who married Annie Frost, sister of the first sheriff of Fayette county. Children of Charles Wance: Mary, married George Horner; Hannah, married George Tegarden; Elizabeth, married Thomas Meredith; Patience, of previous mention, married Jesse B. Herbert; John A. and Wesley. Children of John and Jessie Herbert: 1. Lynn, born 1822, died December 31, 1903; was a teacher in the public schools of Luzerne township; married Jane Roberts. 2. Ruth, married Dunson Millsborough. 3. Jesse B., of previous mention, father of Cora E. (Herbert) Hartley. 4. Sarah, married Alfred Jamison. 5. Elizabeth, married Samuel Meredith. 6. Margaret, unmarried. 7. Mary, married William Porter. 8. Maria, married Joseph Crawford, yet living. Children of Thomas M. and Cora E. Hartley:. Lawrence Wanee, born October 7, 1882; married Cora, daughter of Levi A. Sharpneck, of Cumberland township, Greene County; Lawrence W. is a store manager for the Union Supply Company at Smock; child: Herbert Armstrong, born October 17, 1908. 2. Minor, born April 6, 1885; a farmer; married Martha Galinski, of German township, Fayette county; children: Hazel, died aged two years; Gladys, born April 19, 1912. 3. Clyde, born November 28, 1887; resides at home. 4. Silas Milton, born May 17, 1895; resides at home.

Source: Genealogical and Personal History of Fayette County, John W. Jordan, Lewis Historical Publishing Co., 1912.

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