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Fayette County, Pennsylvania Biography

extractd from the book Genealogical and Personal History of Fayette County by John W. Jordan, Lewis Historical Publishing Co., 1912.

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Biographical Sketches and Genealogies:

IMPORTANT NOTE: The following rather lengthy biographies contain multi-generational genealogies and collateral families. If you don't see the name you are looking for in the surname index, be sure to use the search engine below to see if the surname is part of another biography. The surname index generally refers to the originator of the line of descent in the bio.

Most of these family histories cover many Pennsylvania counties as the biographies follow the family as they resettle into different parts of Pennsylvania and other states.

  • Ache Family
  • Beeson Family
  • Bowie Family
  • Bulger Family
  • Burd Family
  • Byrer Family
  • Carr Family
  • Chisolm Family
  • Coates Family
  • Conrad Family
  • Cope Family
  • Derrick Family
  • Dice Family
  • Downer Family
  • Edel Family
  • Edmiston Family
  • Evans, Lewis
  • Evans, Powel
  • Evans, Rees
  • Evans, Richard
  • Evans, Thomas
  • Fast Family
  • Farrell Family
  • Field Family
  • Frasher Family
  • Fusarini Family
  • Gaddis Family
  • Gaskill Family
  • Ghrist Family
  • Goff Family
  • Greene Family
  • Hagans Family
  • Harah Family
  • Hartley Family
  • Hempstead Family
  • Hogsett Family
  • Hook Family
  • Hornbake Family
  • Humphreys Family
  • Jaquet, Andrew Dutton
  • Jaquet, Pierre
  • Jones Family
  • Kaiser Family
  • Kefover Family
  • Kiefer Family
  • Kough Family
  • Kramer Family
  • Lincoln Family
  • Metzler Family
  • Neff Family
  • Niccolls Family
  • Playford family
  • Poletz Family
  • Pratt Family
  • Prentice (Prentiss) Family
  • Riffle Family
  • Ross Family
  • Rutter Family
  • Sample Family
  • Sechler Family
  • Smiley Family
  • Sterling Family
  • Storey Family
  • Sturgis Family
  • Titlow Family
  • Waldron Family
  • Wonders Family
  • Wood Family
  • Whyel Family

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