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Taylor Family - EDWARD LEON TAYLOR Biography

Edward L. Taylor, treasurer of the city of Williamsport, Pennsylvania, having been elected to that important office in 1899, re-elected in 1902, his term of office expiring in 1905, and again re-elected in 1905, term expiring in 1908, is a native of the city in which he now resides. In politics he is a Republican, and the manner in which he has met the responsibilities devolving upon him in a public capacity, has won for him the esteem and confidence of his constituents and fellow-citizens.

(I) John Taylor, the immigrant ancestor, was born in England, in 1639. He married, December 12, 1666, Mary Selden, daughter of Thomas Selden, of Hartford, Connecticut. Their children were : Esther, born December 9, 1667; John, January 6, 1670; Thomas, June 5, 1672; Stephen, 1674; Mary, October 12, 1676, died in early life; Thankful, 1680; Jacob, 1685; Samuel, December 3, 1688; Ebenezer, March 1, 1697. John Taylor, father of these children, died at his home in Hadley, Massachusetts, October 17, 1713; his wife passed away January 7, 1713.

(II) Ebenezer Taylor, youngest son of John and Mary (Selden) Taylor, was born March 1, 1697. He was among the pioneer settlers of Granby, Connecticut, taking up his residence there in 1727. He married Mehitable Smith, who was born May 9, 1696, a daughter of Deacon Samuel Smith, of East Hartford, Connecticut. Their children were : Jacob, born July 10, 1718; Ebenezer, March 24, 1723; Lois and Mary.

(III) Jacob Taylor, eldest son of Ebenezer and Mehitable (Smith) Taylor, was born July 10, 1718. He was a prominent, influential and wealthy citizen of Granby, Connecticut, and he was one of the eight residents who possessed large estates in that section of the state. He was the owner of large tracts of land, whereon he conducted extensive operations, his product consisting mostly of grain. He served as selectman in 1771. The supposition is that he participated in the Revolutionary war. Mr. Taylor was married twice, his wives having been members of old and distinguished families. His first wife, whose maiden name was Elizabeth Lane, bore him three children: Ithamar, Samuel and Benoni. His second wife, Ruth White (Rood) Taylor, widow of Daniel Rood, bore him four children: David, who married Lorinda Burr, issue, seven children; Silas, mentioned hereinafter; Jerusha and Lucinda.

(IV) Silas Taylor, second son of Jacob and Ruth Taylor, married Lydia Towne, of South Hadley, Massachusetts. Their children were Ozial, born May 8, 1792; Justus, February 11, 1794; Allen, December 23, 1795; Clarrisa, May 5, 1799; Roxanna, July 22, 1801; Roland, 1804; Zabina, April 29, 1808; Alzena, January, 1810; Murilla; George, 1818. The first five of these children were born in Granby, Massachusetts; the sixth in the state of Connecticut, and the remainder in the state of Vermont.

(V) Roland Taylor, fourth son of Silas and Lydia (Towne) Taylor, was born in Connecticut in 1804. For a number of years he conducted farming in Monson, Maine, and subsequently engaged in the lumber business, purchasing eleven hundred acres of timber land with a saw-mill, and thereafter was an extensive manufacturer of lumber. He married Pamelia Colton, of Massachusetts, who bore him the following named children: Frank, born 1827; Jane; Emeline C., 1832; Louisa W., 1833; John Colton, November 16, 1835. Mrs. Taylor died in Monson, Maine, whither they removed shortly after their marriage. Mr. Taylor married for his second wife Mrs. Folsom, and for his third Mrs. Lucy Morton.

(VI) John Colton Taylor, youngest son of Roland and Pamelia (Colton) Taylor, was born in Monson, Maine, November 16, 1835. He attended the public schools and Monson Academy, and up to the age of twelve assisted with the work of the farm. From that early age until he was nineteen, he worked at lumbering, in which line of business his father was extensively engaged. He then came to Williamsport, Pennsylvania, to work for Canfield & Colton, lumber manufacturers, remaining with them for twelve years. During this period of time he became an expert in that particular business, and after severing his connection with the aforesaid firm established a business of his own as a lumber prospector. He served for three months during the Civil war. Mr. Taylor married Laura A. Smith, eldest child of Isaac and Harriet Smith, who came to Williamsport, Pennsylvania, from Maine; their family consisted of five other children, namely : Daniel, who, married Sarah Pratt, and their children were : Isaac, Daniel W., Charles H. and Clara L: Smith. Henry, who married Martha Allen, and their children were: Harry and Margaret Smith. John, who married a Miss Pratt, and they are the parents of one child, Ruth Smith. Harrison, who married Jennie Ripley, of Erie, and their children were : Marjorie and Harry Smith. Elizabeth, who became the wife of Henry Colton, and their children were : Meade, who married Elizabeth Irvin, and two children were born to them, and George, who married a Miss Shaw, and they are the parents of one child. Eight children were born to Mr. and Mrs. Taylor, three of whom are deceased. The living ones are: H. Colton, born July 21, 1857; Edward Leon, April 19, 1870; Harriet L., January 17, 1860; Caroline, June 7, 1866; Marguerite F., July 23, 1879.

(VII) Edward Leon Taylor, second son of John Colton and Laura A. (Smith) Taylor, was born in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, April 19, 1870. His early education was acquired in the public schools of his native city, and this was supplemented by a course in a commercial college. His first practical experience was gained as clerk in a mercantile house, where he remained for seven years. He then engaged in business on his own account, establishing a men's furnishing store, which he conducted for five years. In 1899 he was elected city treasurer, re-elected in 1902, remaining in office until 1905, and re-elected in 1905 to serve three more years. He has devoted considerable time and attention to the state militia. In 1888 he enlisted in Company G, National Guard of Pennsylvania, and was promoted to sergeant. In 1892 he re-enlisted as sergeant, was elected second lieutenant, and served in that capacity until 1898. He was then commissioned by Governor Hastings as captain of Company G, Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry (United States Volunteers, Twelfth Regiment), and served in the Spanish-American war until October 29, 1898, when they were mustered out of the service of the United States government. He resigned his commission in 1899. He belongs to all Masonic bodies in Williamsport, holding membership in Irem Temple, A. A. O. N. M. S., of Wilkes barre, Pennsylvania, Howard Temple Club, Board of Trade, Royal Arcanum and Knights of Malta. He is a Baptist in religion and a Republican in politics.

Mr. Taylor married Sarah M. Pratt, October, 14, 1897, the third child of the following named children who were born to Frank J. and Mary E. (Preler) Pratt: Isa R., unmarried; Anna B., who became, the wife of Albert J. Whittier; Bertha, unmarried; Adelbert, a twin of Bertha, who married Laura M. Lundy; and Lula S., unmarried. Mrs. Taylor died May 28, 1902, leaving one child, Ruth Taylor, who was born September 3, 1898.

Source: Genealogical and Personal History of Lycoming County, John W. Jordan, Lewis Historical Publishing Co., 1906.

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