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Lycoming County, Pennsylvania Biography

Extracted from the book History of Lycoming County edited by Meginness, John F..     J.H. Battle; Warner & Co.; 1887.

Genealogies and Biographies

The following biographies contain multi-generational genealogies and collateral families. If you don't see the name you are looking for in the surname index, be sure to use the search engine below to see if the surname is part of another biography. The surname index generally refers to the originator of the line of descent in the bio.

Most of these family histories cover many Pennsylvania counties as the biographies follow the family as they resettle into different parts of Pennsylvania and other states.

Adams, Charles

Barton, Isaac

Beeber, John

Bell, G. Franklin

Bly, David

Bodine, Dewitt

Bowman, Benjamin

Bowman, Benjamin C.

Bowman, Francis

Bowman, James

Bubb, Harry

Bubb, Nathaniel

Burrows Family

Burrows, John

Burrows, Sabin

Carpenter, William

Castlebury, Frank

Collins, Emerson

Coryell Family

Croll, George

Decker, William

Deemer Family

Evans, Charles Jr.

Evenden, George

Flanagan, Patrick

Foresman, Henry

Foresman, Seth

Gilmore, Walter

Gleim, Charles

Gray, Rev. Edward

Green, Henry

Haines, William

Hermance, Albert

Howard, William

Humes, Hamilton

Humes, Samuel

Hunt, John

Jackson, Anthony

Johnson, Henry

Kiess, William

Koch, August

Krause, James

Laedlein, John

Lose, Charles

Maitland, Isaac

Mansel, James

McCormick, Henry

McCormick, Horace

Metzger, George

Miller, Fred

Mosser, Henry

Munson, C. Larue

Mussina, Joseph

Neff, Jacob

Niemeyer, Adolph

Nutt, George

Perley, Allen

Reading Family

Riddell, William

Schnee, Harry

Schneider Family

Shiffler, Aaron

Sproat Family

Sprout, Charles

Sprout, Clarence

Sprout, Lewis

Sprout, Morton

Stearns, Laten

Taylor, Edward

Tinsman, Garret

Ulmer, Levi

Waldron, John

White Family

Williams, Samuel

Winter, John

Wolfe, Charles

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