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Search for your ancestors using this interactive directory of the best free genealogy search engines. Search top world-wide & specialized genealogy databases from one genealogy search site! The Ancestor Search site also has unique custom genealogy search engines found no where else.

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The last decade has seen huge increases in the amount of original genealogy records online that can be used to create your family tree. While user-contributed family trees are still available, the emphasis in recent years has been on databases of global free original record images.

  1. Access Genealogy
    Access Genealogy offers an extraordinary amount of free databases. This site also has Native American genealogy data found no where else, in addison to many other genealogy collections. If the Access Genealogy web site doesn't have a database you are looking for, they offer a link directory to help you find it.

    The largest collection of historic records and family trees is a paid subscription, but offers free records also.

    • Free Ancestry Databases has hundreds of always-free databases. Enter "free" in keyword box in left column of the card catalog. There are 926 free databases that include 100's of millions of records.

    • Free Trial
      Want to see records for free? Try the all access 14 day free trial. Do this when you have some free time as there is so much you will want to view during your free trial. Don't forget to cancel when the 2 weeks is up.

  3. Family Search   editor pick
    Search for your ancestors in the huge free databases of the Mormon LDS Church genealogy archives. In recent years, the Mormon genealogy web site has been adding free online access to millions of original records. These records are available for free to members of all faiths and include images of census records, birth, marriage and death records from around the world. All images are free and downloadable.

    • Records Search
      Images of original genealogy and historical record collections from around the world.

    • Family Tree Search
      Millions of family trees and genealogies in pedigree chart form.

    Search the Family Search Website
    Mormon genealogy database
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  4. Find a Grave
    Over 100 million world-wide grave records, many of which include images of the headstone, birth date and death date, spouse, an obituary, a biography, and links to grave records of immediate family members.

  5. National Archives and Records Administration
    The US National Archives has been putting many of their databases online and the site is growing all the time.

  6. RootsWeb
    Rootsweb is one of oldest FREE genealogy sites on the Internet. It is also one of the largest genealogy sites with millions of pages of free genealogy data with more records are added every day. Many of these world-wide records are user-contributed.

  7. World GenWeb
    Free access to genealogy information around the world including the US. Each country and state has a page on WorldGenWeb with access to free queries, links to genealogy information and free transcribed genealogy records.

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