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Genealogy message boards can be used to find others researching your ancestors, to search for information on a surname or locality, or to share family history info with other users. You can search for a specific name, region, or topic. You can search for a just surname or search for a first name with a last name. You can be very specific and search for name and locality together, or very general and search for just a name and browse the many results.

You may think no one else could be searching your family, but tracing family trees is very popular today, and messages boards are an excellent with to find unknown distant cousins and extended family.

Rootsweb/Ancestry Message Boards

The Rootsweb / Ancestry message boards are the world's largest online genealogy community with millions of posts on more than 200,000 unique boards. The boards are hosted for free by and contain specialized topics such as surnames, localities, and organizations. Search to see if your surnames and ancestral home town have already been posted. Post a message to find distant cousins or information about genealogy related topics.

Search a small town, a country or the entire world for your surnames. While RootsWeb and Ancestry message boards used to be two separate boards, today they are combined, and they are free.

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If you want to post a query, here are some tips to get the best results, and have as many people possible click on your post.

  • Use a descriptive subject line.
  • Post only one topic per query.
  • Make your post readable. Don't use all caps. Use paragraphs.
  • Post what you already know, and be specific about what you are looking for