History of Centre and Clinton County, Pennsylvania, 1893

Mary  Barnhart Biography

Mrs. Mary Barnhart, widow of Jacob Barnhart , deceased, died in Spring township, Oct. V, 1879. She was born on the old Holt homestead, near Curtin's dam, May 1, 1792. She was a daughter of Col. John Holt, and married Jacob Barnhart in 1814, and was mother of six children, all of whom survived her. She had two sisters, Mrs. Nancy Patterson, of Crawford County, who died at the age of ninety-five; Isabella Barnhart, who died in 1877, aged eighty-seven, widow of Col. Henry Barnhart. She was one of the original members of the Methodist Church at Bellefont.

Source: History of Centre and Clinton Counties, Pennsylvania; John Blair Linn; Philadelphia; Louis H. Everts; 1883.

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