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Easy Google Genealogy Searcher, Part II

The Easy Genealogy Google Searcher puts advanced Google features on one page with suggested keywords and advice about how each feature is useful for genealogy searches.

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Easy Google Genealogy Searcher, Part I
Start here to search Google using the features useful to genealogists.

Easy Google Genealogy Searcher - Part 2

A companion to the Easy Google Genealogy Searcher, Part I, use the Easy Google Genealogy Searcher Part 2 to learn the additional possibilities Google offers for a genealogy search. Look for your ancestors in books, articles, blogs, and US patent searches.

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Google Scholar Search

Search historical society papers, journal articles and college thesis for your ancestor. If you have a politician or somewhat famous person for an ancestor, search to see if an article has been written about him.

Google Patent Search

Search US patents issued from 1776 to the present. Patents were not just issued to inventors and researchers, but also to factory workers, farmers, miners and many other regular people. Search to see if your ancestors had any patents issued. Our ancestors were very inventive.

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Google Operands:

    +    Use a plus sign before a keyword so that it appears in your search results without stemming.
    -     Use a minus sign before a keyword that you do not want to appear in your search results.
    ~    Use the tilde sign before words for search results that include synonyms. (genealogy, ancestry, family tree).
    "     Place a first name and last name between double quotes to search for exact occurences of the name. Place location names of 2 or more words in quotes; i.e. "new york".
    OR   Use the OR operand to receive results that contain one of the query words or phrases.
    *     Use the asterisk as a wild card; ie. for a middle name.
    ...     Use a number range search to match any one year in a range of years, i.e. 1700...1750

Google Operator Examples

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