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The Canada census is available at several websites for free.

The 1921 Canada Census Search

The Census of 1921 was released in 1913, 92 years after enumeration to protect the privacy of those on the census. It is completely searchable and is only available at

Census Available at the Library and Archives Canada

Census Available at Family Search

Historical Names

  • Lower Canada, sometimes referred to as Canada East, is the mainly French-speaking region of Canada around the lower St. Lawrence River, in what is today southern Quebec.

  • Upper Canada, also known as Canada West, is the English speak area on the upper St. Lawrence River and the Great Lakes, roughly the area of today's southern Ontario.

  • Lower Canada and Upper Canada were the names used from 1791 to 1841, and Canada East and Canada West from 1841 to 1867.

What Can I Learn from the Census

The census is generally considered the basis of genealogy research, the first place people look to begin their genealogy search. What you can you learn from the Canadian census?

The first Dominion census was taken in 1871. Each succeeding census year asks additional information.

  • The 1871 census asks general information: name, age, occupation, religious affiliation, birthp lace, and father's origin.
  • The 1891 census also asks if French Canadian, and parent's birthplaces. The 1891 and leter census asks the persons relationship to head of household.
  • Starting in 1901, the census lists the complete birth date, along with the year of immigration to Canada and their year of citizenship naturalization.
  • In 1921, a new question recording the birthplaces of the father and mother of each individual was added.


A few transcribed records at Rootsweb are available:

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