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Enter the date to calculate the day of the week for an historic or future year. Enter the date (then hit the "Calculate" button):
Numeric Month (1-12):
Day of Month (1-31):
Year (eg. 1960):
Day of Week:

Use this calculator to find the day from the date. If you want to know what the day of the week was for a particular date and year, enter the month, day, and year above.

This Day of the Week calculator uses the Gregorian calendar. Check to see when the calendar was changed from Julian to Gregorian in the country for which you are performing the calculation as the calculator does not always give accurate results for the Julian calendar. To find when the calendar changeover took place for your country, see Julian to Gregorian calendar by country.

For those wishing accurate Julian Calendar days, there is a standard reference book which has been used by historians and academics all over the world for 60 years - A Handbook of Dates: For Students of English History

All years divisible by 4 are leap years unless the year can be divided by 100. There is, however, an exception to this 100 year rule exception. Any year that can be divided by 400 is a leap year. So while the years 1700, 1800 and 1900 were not leap years because they are divisible by 100, the year 2000, because it is divisible by 400, was a leap year.

  • Use the day of the week calculator to fill in the narrative of any family history. Now you can give the day as well as the date for every event.

  • Find out the day of the week for baptisms and weddings many years ago. You may be surprised to find they did not take place on what we now consider traditional days.

  • Find out the day of the week you were born.

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