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Many tombstones and genealogy documents have the date of death and/or birth written in Roman Numerals. Now you can easily and accurately convert a Roman Numeral to a decimal number.

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Sometimes genealogy documents will have a year written in Roman Numerals, such as MDCCXLIX. Now you can easily and accurately convert this roman number to a decimal number.

Roman Numeral Conversion Chart:

Roman Numeral      Decimal Number      
I 1 One
II 2 Two
III 3 Three
IV 4 Four
V 5 Five
VI 6 Six
VII 7 Seven
VIII 8 Eight
IX 9 Nine
X 10 Ten
XX 20 Twenty
XXX 30 Thirty
XL 40 Forty
L 50 Fifty
LX 60 Sixty
LXX 70 Seventy
LXXX 80 Eighty
XC 90 Ninety
C 100 One-hundred
D 500 Five-hundred
M 1000 One-thousand

Roman Numerals are just a combination of the numbers in the chart. For example:

Roman Numeral      Decimal Number      
MMVI 2006
LIX 59

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