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Guide, Clues & Finding Aid for the U. S. Federal Census 1930 - 1930.

1930 Ancestry Census Records Search

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Where can I find the 1930 U.S. Census?

  • Ancestor Search Transcribed U.S. Census Records Search

    Search for U.S. census transcriptions on websites across the internet including the U.S. GenWeb Projects.
    Some of the 1930 census has been transcribed and placed on the internet.
    Search by name, county, state and/or year.

  • 1930 United States Federal Census
    All the surviving 1930 census has been digitized and indexed by Ancestry. You can view for free the census transcription. Ancestry also has a very strong and flexible search engine. Images are available for a fee.

    Search by name and state and then filter results by year, county, city, gender and race. Images available for a fee.

  • Fold3 Formerly
    An interactive 1930 census with user-contributed photos, documents, stories and other facts about a person who appears in the census. Add an "I'm related" button to your family so that distant cousins can find you. See what others have added about your family.

  • Family Search
    Transcribed and indexed by the Mormon church and available at the Family Search site.

  • Internet Archive
    This copy of the 1930 census microfilm can be read online or the PDF files can be downloaded. Browsable but not indexed.

What can I learn from the 1930 Census Records?

Census Date - April 1, 1930

Census questions:
  • City or town or district or township and county of residence
  • Name of the head of each household.
  • Relationship to head of household
  • Home owned or rented
  • Value of home or monthly rental
  • Wheter owns a radio
  • Whether on a farm
  • Sex
  • Race
    • W - White
    • Neg - Negro (African-American)
    • Mex - Mexican
    • In - Indian (Native - American), full or mixed blood, and tribal affiliation
    • Ch - Chinese
    • Jp - Japanese
    • Fil - Filipino
    • Hin - Hindu
    • Kor - Korean,
    • Other races are spelled out in full.
  • Age
  • Marital status, age at first marriage
  • School attendance
  • Literacy
  • Birthplace of person and parents
  • If foreign born, language spoken in home.
  • Year of immigration
  • Whether naturalized
    • Na - Naturalized
    • Pa - First Papers
    • Al - Alien
  • Whether speaks English
  • Occupation, industry, and class of worker
  • Whether at work previous day (or last regular working day)
  • Veteran status
    • WW - World War I
    • Sp - Spanish - America War
    • Civ - Civil War
    • Phil - Philippine Insurrection
    • Box - Boxer Rebellion, Mex - Mexican Expedition)

Download blank census form

How can you use the 1930 Census?

  • You can learn
    The name of the street is written vertically at the very left of the census page, and the address number is written in column 2. You can use the address along with the city and state to view the house on Google Maps to see how it appears today. The street view is in the left column on the Google maps page.

    You can also enter the addrees on to find the year the house was built to see if it is indeed the house your family lived in. Zillow will also tell the value of the house today and also tell you the square footage of the house and the number of bedrooms and baths. This can give an inside look at how your family lived. If Zillow says the house was built much after 1930, then it could be this is not the house of your ancestors, bur rather a newer house built on the same land.

    You can also use the address as a refernce when searching ohter records to verify that it is the same family.

  • You can use age listed on the census to calculate an approximate year of birth. The age on the census can be unreliable, but you can still calculate an approximate birth year.
    Enter age from 1930 census
    This person was born between June 2,   and June 1 of the following year
  • You can browse to find spelling variations of your surname to help you find additional records.
  • You can use the location to look for churches, cemeteries, courthouses, and other places where your ancestor may have left records.
  • You can use the aliens (not naturalized) column to determine length of residency in US to then help find naturalization papers
  • You can use the "deaf and dumb" and blind columns to check for institutional and / or guardianship records.

What are the major differences from the earlier census records?

  1. In 1930, the Census asked only if the person were naturalized, not the year of naturalization.

  2. In addition to asking if a person owned or rented a house as in 1900 - 1920, the 1930 schedules also included the value of the home or the amount of rent paid each month.

  3. The 1930 census asked if the home had a radio.

  4. The 1930 census asked a person's age at the time of his or her first marriage.

  5. The 1930 census asked which specific war a man fought in

What states are in the 1930 Census?

The 1930 census enumerated more than one hundred and twenty three million people. The forty-eight states and the District of Columbia are included as well as the territories of Alaska, American Samoa, Guam, Hawaii, Panama Canal Zone, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

All census has survived.

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