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1910 Ancestry Census Records Search

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Search the 1910 United States Federal Census
      1910 U.S. Census Records
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Many names are misspelled in the index. It may be incorrect on the original census, the handwriting may have difficult to decipher, or the microfilm may have been too faded to read correctly. Use these hints to expand your search.
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1910 Census
Census Date - April 15, 1910
Population - 92,228,496
US States: 46
1910 Census Finding Aids

1910 Census Questions:
Relation to head of household
Color or race
Age at last birthday
Marital status
Number of years of present marriage
Number of children born (to the wife, widow or divorcee)
Number of those children living
Birthplace, if foreign born, mother tongue
Birthplaces of parents
Year of immigration
Whether naturalized or alien for foreign born males 21 years old or older (A or AL - Alien; NA - Naturalized; NR - Not Reported; PA - First Papers Filed)
Whether able to speak English
Occupation Employed in what industry
Whether out of work on 15 April 1910
Number of weeks out of work during 1909
Whether able to read and write
Whether able to attend school at any time since 1 September 1909
Whether house is owned or rented; a farm or house; whether it is mortgage free
Whether a survivor of Union or Confederate Army or Navy
Whether blind, deaf or dumb (mute)


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U. S. Census Records
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