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Genealogy Search Help & Finding Aids

Use the following records to search for your family.

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Genealogy Census Help

The census can provide info about family members and relationships, locations, birth years, immigration, and military service.
  • U. S. Census Guide
    Guide, Clues & Research Tips for the U. S. Federal Census 1790-1930.
    • On-line and off-line census
    • Census finding aids and indexes
    • Census questions
    • Census dates
    • Census microfilm numbers

  • Census Database Chart
    Compares the on-line census by,, Godfrey Scholar (Heritage Quest) and the LDS for the years 1790 through 1930 so one can see at a glance which company has an index and census for each year.

  • Census Abbreviations
    Guide to abbreviations found on US census

  • Census Microfilm Numbers
    Guide to NARA microfilm numbers for census index.
    • 1920
    • 1910
    • 1900
    • 1890 fragments
    • 1880

  • Soundex (Phonetic) Code Explained
    • Surname to soundex calculator
    • Explanation and limitations of the soundex code.
    • How to use the soundex to find an ancestor in the census index

  • 1930 Census Help
    • Five ways to find your ancestor in the 1930 census
    • Enumeration district Finder
    • Understanding the soundex of the 12 Southern states

Genealogy Date and Calendar Help

  • Birthday Calculator
    Calculate a birthday from the date on a tombstone or death certificate.

  • Perpetual Calendar
    Get a calendar for any month of any year from 0000 to 9999. Also includes calendar definitions for ult. and inst. and other terminology used in dates.

  • Julian to Gregorian Calendar Conversion Dates
    Explanation of the changeover from the Julian to the Gregorian calendar with a list of countries and changeover date. Explanation of Old Style Dates and Double Dating

  • Day of Week Calculator
    Determine the day of the week for a date in any year.

Find Living People

  • Person Finder
    Step by step instructions for finding lost family, birth parents, missing friends, military buddies, and loved ones.

  • People Finder
    A premium resource for finding lost family, birth parents, missing friends, military buddies, and loved ones.

  • Reverse Directory
    Enter name, address OR phone number. Find people on same block, or enter an address or phone # to get a name!

Genealogy Database Search Engine Help

  • The Social Security Death Index - SSDI
    Ways to find your ancestors in the US SSDI - even if you couldn't find them before - and what to do with the info when you do find them!

  • The Ellis Island Website Search Tips
    Haven't been able to find your ancestor on the Ellis Island website? These ideas may help!

  • RootsWeb Meta Search
    Search many RootsWeb search engines with a single click.
    • World Connect project
    • Obituary Daily Times
    • RootsWeb Surname List
    • Social Security Death Index
    • Gen Connect

  • Original Family Search
    The largest repository of genealogy in the world. Understanding the databases at the LDS (Mormon) genealogy family site.
    • Ancestral File
    • the International Genealogical Index (IGI)
    • Pedigree Resource File (PRF)

  • Find others searching your family tree
    How to find your cousins who are doing family history research by using genealogy research registry search engines.

Genealogy Google Search Engine Help

Genealogy Internet Help

Genealogy Records Repositories Help

  • Irish Records Resources
    Resources to help find your Irish Ancestor.

  • UK Records Resources
    Resources to help find your UK, English, Welsh, Scottish or Northern Ireland Ancestor.

  • U.S. State Archives
    Archives often contain documents relating to the history of the state including military records and pension files, county and local histories, diaries, letters, manuscripts, directories, tax rolls, deeds, land grants, voter registration rolls, photographs and other unusual materials. Sometimes, the state archives will hold birth, marriage, death and probate records.

Genealogy Resource Help

  • Genealogy Freebies
    Free genealogy resources: charts, lessons, software, databases, lookups, relationship charts, form letters, translation services, clip art, contests. All free!

  • Free Trials to and databases
    Why pay when you can view for free? Census, immigration, U.S. & Canada, UK & Ireland, Historic Newspaper, Genealogy Library, Family & Local Histories Collection, World Family Tree, much more. All of and databases can be viewed for free!

Genealogy Search Engine Help

Genealogy Software Help

  • Family Tree Maker 2012
    Family Tree Maker has been updated and reorganized to simplify the overall use of the program, including entering information, moving around within your family tree and accessing all of Family Tree Maker's rich features and tools.

  • Family Tree Maker Software
    A full featured genealogy program that helps with your family tree searches.

  • Record your Genealogy
    Free genealogy software, forms, charts and templates.

Genealogy Surname Help

  • Quick Search Surname Finder
    Enter your surname once, search 20 genealogy search engines. A surname specific search engine that searches genealogy databases and finds surnames even if a common word.

  • Learn Genealogy
    Learn how to research your family ancestry and find your ancestors.

  • Share your Genealogy
    Find out who else is researching the same family names. Facilitate your own research by registering your surnames.

  • Soundex Explained
    It is easier to find your ancestors on the soundex census index and soundex search engines if you understand the soundex code and its limitations.

  • Build a WebPage
    Looking for missing pieces in your family puzzle? One way to have your distant cousins find you and facilitate your own research is by building a genealogy web page.

U. S. Military Genealogy Help

Military Records are an often overlooked way to find a tremendous amount of genealogical information.
  • U. S. Military Help
    Ways to determine if your ancestor served in the military and possibly received a pension. Instructions in ordering military records from the Nation Archives (NARA).

  • US Military Research guides
    Assistance in using NARA's records for your research for all US wars

  • US State Archives
    Order Military records for the US militia.

  • Confederate Records
    How to order Confederate records held at state repositories.

  • NARA Guide
    Ordering military records from NARA

Genealogy Tools

  • Age Calculator
    Calculate the difference between any two dates. Use to calculate age at death, or current age.

  • Birthdate Calculator
    Calculate a birthdate from information found on a tombstone or death certificate.

  • Cousin Calculator
    Calculate the relationship between two blood relatives, and print an multi-generational cousin chart. See just who is your cousin once-removed or second cousin twice-removed.

  • Day of Week Calculator
    Enter any date to determine the day.

  • Inflation Calculator
    Calculate the approximate value in today's money value for ancestor's salaries, amounts left in wills, etc.

  • Roman Numeral Converter
    Convert Roman Numerals found on tombstones and genealogy records to regular numbers.

  • Soundex Calculator
    Convert any name to soundex, learn the soundex rules, its limitations, and how to use the soundex.

  • Tombstone Birthdate Calculator
    Calculate birthdate from information found on a tombstone or death certificate.

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