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Schuylkill county was founded in 1811 and Pine Grove was one of the original townships. Until 1819, Pine Grove was designated a post office with John Barr, the author of these biographies, as the first postmaster. Barr built the Eagle Hotel in the area that was to become the Borough of Pine Grove in 1832.

Biographical Notes of Pine Grove, Schuylkill County, PA Biography

   John William Barr, 1916

Biographical Sketches and Genealogies:

Achenback, Reuben

Albert, Dr. J. V.

Anderson, Charles F.

Angst, John

Anspach, William

Aungst, Reuben

Aycrigg, Col. Ben

Barr, George

Barr, Harry

Barr, Jacob

Barr, John

Barr, John

Barr, John William

Barr, Paul

Barr, Paul

Barr, Theodore

Barto, J. Wilson

Barto, Penrose

Barto, Ruben

Bautsch, Daniel

Berger, Frank

Beuchler, John

Boe, Michael

Bonawitz, George

Bonawitz, John

Bonawitz, Major Ben

Bordlemay, Simon

Bortz, John

Boughter, Amos

Bowen, London

Boyer, M. H.

Brant, Paul

Brenner, Jacob

Brenner, Nicholas

Brown, William

Carl. Harry

Christ, Charles

Christ, David

Christ, Edward

Christ, Harry

Christ, Jacob

Christ, John

Christ, John M.

Christeson, Captain H. C.

Conrad, Henry

Conrad, Henry

Cowden, John

Daubert, William

Derby, John

Diehl, Frank

Ditzler, Jacob

Drine, Owen

Druckenmiller, William

Dubbs, John

Duell, Charles

Eager, John

Earnest, John P.

Eckert, G. N.

Eckler, Benjamin

Ellenbaum, George

Evans, Samuel

Fassnacht, John

Feger, William

Filbert, Peter

Filbert, Peter L.

Fritz, John

McDonough, Levi

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