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Pennsylvania Biographies Listed by Surname Biography

If you cannot find a name in this list, use the search engine below to see if the person you are looking for is mentioned in someone else's biography.

Abell, John
Ache, Johan
Adams, Charles
Adams, F. F.
Adams, James
Adams, James R.
Aichner, Charles
Alexander, Elizabeth
Alexander, James
Alexander, James
Alexander, Josiah
Alexander, M. R.
Alexander, William
Alexander, Willima
Allen, George
Allison, Archibald
Allison, William
Allison. Matthew
Althouse, Samuel
Anderson, J. C.
Andrews, Charles E
Anspach, John
Antes, Philip
Arnold, Frank M.
Arnold, George Washington
Arnold, Manasseh
Atkinson, William
Austin, F. A.
Austin, Jane
Babbitt, Elijah
Bailey, Francis
Bailey, Richard
Bailey, William
Baird, David
Baird, David Family
Baird, Jane
Baird, Nancy
Baker, Isaac
Baker, Samuel
Barber, James
Barchfield, A. J.
Bard, Robert
Barnhart, Henry
Barnhart, Jacob
Barnhart, Mary
Barnhurts, H. R.
Barr, Hon. W.W.
Barr, Jacob
Barr, John
Barr, John
Barr, John William
Barr, Paul
Barr, Paul
Barr, Theodore
Barto, J. Wilson
Barto, Penrose
Barto, Ruben Barto
Barton, Isaac
Bates, William
Bathurst, Antes
Bathurst, James
Bauschard, F.
Bautsch, Daniel
Baxter, John
Bayard , Dr. A. W.
Bear, George Bear Bear
Beaver, James Addams
Bechdol, David
Becker, Philip
Beeber, John
Beechling, C. R.
Beeson Family
Belknap, Sherlock
Bell, Franklin G.
Bell, John
Benedict, John
Bengough, Herbert
Benner, John
Benner, John
Benner, Philip
Bennett, E. C.
Benze, A. L.
Berger, Frank
Berkey, Peter
Berlin, George Neely
Berry, Jacob
Beuchler, John
Beuhrle, William
Bewighouse, Abraham
Bewighouse, John
Bexter, George
Bibighaus, Samuel
Bier, Ludwig
Bierly, Anthony
Bierly, Anthony, Jr.
Bierly, John
Bietsch, George
Bissey, John
Black, Jacob
Black, James
Blair, David
Blair, Eleanor
Blakely, Elizabeth
Bliss, John
Bly, David
Boal, David
Boal, Elizabeth
Boaz, John
Bodine, Dewitt
Boe, Michael
Boggs, Andrew
Boggs, John
Boggs, Robert
Boggs, William
Bollander, Stephan
Bonawitz, George
Bonawitz, John
Bonawitz, Major Ben
Bonbrake, Emanuel
Bootz, Jacob
Bordlemay, Simon
Bortz, John
Botorf, Jacob
Boughter, Amos
Bowers, O. C.
Bowie Family
Bowman, Benjamin
Bowman, Benjamin C.
Bowman, David
Bowman, Francis
Bowman, James
Boyer, M. H.
Brady, William Perry
Brant, Paul
Brellier, E.
Brenner, Jacob
Brenner, Nicholas
Bretzius, Michael
Brew, Thaddeus
Bricker, William
Brisben, John Jr.
Brisben, John Sr.
Brisbin, William
Brown, Sam
Brown, William
Brumbaugh, Simon
Brungart, George
Brungart, Jacob
Brungart, Martin
Bryson, Robert
Bubb, Harry
Bubb, Nathaniel
Buchanan, George
Buchtel, John
Bulger Family
Burchfield, William
Burd Family
Burnside, James
Burnside, Thomas
Burrows Family
Burrows, John
Burrows, Sabin
Byers, William
Byrer Family
Caldwell, Jane
Caldwell, Thomas
Callahan, Charles
Cambridge, Constans
Cambridge, John
Campbell, Cleary
Campbell, David
Campbell, Hon. James
Campbell, James
Canfield, Ira
Carner, William
Carpenter, William
Carr Family
Carson, Margaret
Castlebury, Frank
Cathcart, William
Chambers, Elijah
Chambers, George
Chambers, James
Chisolm Family
Chrisman, Daniel
Christ, John
Christ, John
Christeson,Captain H. C.
Christian Everly Everly
Christy, B. C.
Coates Family
Colestock, Daniel
Collins, Emerson
Collner, W.F.r
Conrad Family
Conrad, Henry
Conser, John
Cook, Martha Walker
Cook, Willima
Cooper, Rev. Samuel
Cope Family
Corman, George
Cornett, Samuel
Cornog, Abner
Coryell Family
Cowan, Rev. John F.
Cox, Henry Hamilton
Cox, John
Craig, Calvin Augustus
Crember, W. C.
Cresswell, John
Croll, George
Crothwaite, Robert
Crouthamel, Reuben
Culbertson, Edmund
Culbertson, John, Esq.
Cunningham, Capt. Allen
Cunningham, Samuel
Curitn, Rolandr.
Currie, Rev. William
Curtin, A. G.
Curtin, Dr.
Curtin, Roland Jr.
Dale, Christian
Dale, David
Dale, Henry
Dalzell, John
Danner, Philip
David Duncan Duncan
David, Daniel
David, Elizabeth
Davis, A.J.
De Hass, John Philip
Decker, Michael
Decker, William
Deckert, John
Deemer Family
Denny, Elizabeth
Denton, George
Derrick Family
Detweiler, Jacob
Dice Family
Diehl, John
Dobbins, Daniel
Doebler, John
Dorsey, Elizabeth
Dougherty, James
Douglass, John
Downer Family
Downing, Thomas
Dravo, John
Dubbs, Oswald
Duffy, Neil
Duke, Benjamin
Duncan, Augustus
Dundas, Isabella
Dundavy, D.
Dunlap, Colonel James
Dunlap, John
Dunlap, Mary
Eaker, Philip K.
Ebersole, Daniel
Eckhard, Ernst
Eckley, Eli
Edel Family
Edgar, John
Edmiston Family
Effrig, Anthony
Elder, A. M.
Elder, James
Ellenberger, Jacob
Ertle, Valentine
Evans, Charles
Evans, Charles Jr.
Evans, Lewis
Evans, Powel
Evans, Rees
Evans, Richard
Evans, Thomas
Evenden, George
Eyster, George
Farrell Family
Fast Family
Fetzer, Michael Fetzer
Field Family
Finney, William
Flanagan, Patrick
Fluck, Reuben
Fluck, Sylvester
Fohl, John
Foltz, M. A.
Ford, Henry
Foresman, Henry
Foresman, Seth
Fox Family
Frank, George Frank
Frasher Family
Furey, John Furey
Furey, William Furey
Fusarini Family
Gaddis Family
Gaskill Family
Gast, Christian
Gast, Nicholas
Ghrist Family
Gill, William
Gilmore, Walter
Gleim, Charles
Glenn, John Glenn
Goff Family
Graham, George Graham
Gramly, Adam Gramly
Gramly, Francis Gramly
Gramly, John Gramly
Gray, John Gray
Gray, John L.
Gray, Peter
Gray, Peter
Gray, Rev. Edward
Green, Henry
Green, Joseph
Green, Joseph Jr.
Green, S. Miles
Greene Family
Greene, William
Gregg, Andrew
Gregg, John Irwin
Grier, James
Grist Family
Hagan Family
Hagans Family
Haines, William
Hale, James T.
Hall, John
Harah Family
Harloff, Godfrey
Harper, George
Harris, James
Harris, James D.
Harrold, Neal
Hartley Family
Hempstead Family
Henning, John
Hermance, Albert
Hess, Michael Eric
Hogsett Family
Hook, Peter Uriah
Hornbake Family
Howard, William
Humes, Hamilton
Humes, Samuel
Humphreys Family
Hunt Family
Hunt, John
Jackson, Anthony
Jackuet, Andrew Dutton
Jaquet, Pierre
John Etters biography (died 1875) with Etters
John Etters Etters
Johnson, Henry
Jones Family
Kahle, John W.
Kaiser Family
Kaufman, Charles
Keating, John
Kefover Family
Kiefer Family
Kiess, William
Klein, Max
Klingensmith, John
Knox, Hon. James B.
Koch, August
Kough Family
Kramer Family
Krause, James
Lacey, Edwin
Laedlein, John
Lincoln Family
Lose, Charles
Lowrie, Walter
Lowry, Samuel
Maitland, Isaac
Mansel, James
Marshall, Thomas
Mary Etters Etters
McCormick, Henry
McCormick, Horace
McKenna, Charles
Metzger, George
Metzler Family
Miller, Fred
Mosser, Henry
Munson, Larue C.
Murdoch, H. J.
Mussina, Joseph
Neff Family
Neff, Jacob
Niccolls Family
Niemeyer, Adolph
Nutt, George
Paul, Harry
Paul, Harry
Paxson, Isaac
Payne, T.J.
Perley, Allen
Playford Family
Poletz Family
Pratt Family
Prentice (Prentiss) Family
Quiqley Family
Reading Family Reading
Rev. Peter Fisher Fisher
Reynolds, David
Richie, WilliamFamily
Riddell, William
Ritts, Elias
Ritts, John V.
Ross, J. Frank, M.D.
Rulofson, Ruloff Isaac Allen
Schnee, Harry
Schneider Family
Shanafelt, William
Shannon, Philip
Shiffler, Aaron
Siegwarth, John
Sloan, William C. Sloan
Smith, Ed
Smith, John Family
Sproat Family
Sprout Family
Sprout, Charles
Sprout, Lewis
Sprout, Morton
Stearns, Laten
Steinmetz, George
SteinMetz, Phillip Stone, William
Strattan, John R.
Sweny, James
Taylor, Edward
Thomas Ferguson Ferguson
Tinsman, Garret
Ulmer, Levi
Waldron, John
White Family
William Everhart Everhart
Williams, Samuel
Wilson, Hon. J.H.
Winter, John
Witherow, William
Wolfe, Charles Wright, William
Yeany, John


If you cannot find a name in the list above, use this search engine to see if the person you are looking for is mentioned in someone else's biography.

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